Lost N’ Loving It

theislandcastawaysbandMy friends, the Island Castaways Band, have just released their debut album, Lost N’ Loving It.  And guess who helped with the lyrics on two of the songs? Yep, you got it right the first time! (Well, if you guessed me, that is.)

I met the guys a couple of summers ago at Beachhouse on the Mountain, a wonderful music event in Stowe, Vermont. They were the first band in a weekend of great music, and of course I introduced myself when they finished playing because – well, that’s what I do. Turned out they were looking for help with lyrics, and I was looking to help someone with lyrics and voila! The only problem is, they’re up in Massachusetts and I’m not.

But we took advantage of the wonders of the Internet. They sent me ideas and music, and I sent back words and – more words. And soon, two songs took shape. And now, there’s a whole CD with their music on it – and some of my words! It’s always exciting to see my name on a CD, and hear someone singing my words.

I wish we lived closer, so I could hear them perform in person. Hopefully one of these days I’ll make it back to the northeast, and catch them at one of their gigs. Or they’ll make their way down to Florida, and I’ll get to see them play locally (like maybe in Key West, guys?).

Anyway, why not add it to your Beth Hanggeli colllection? (What do you mean you don’t have one? Why not?) You can buy your copy here. And the next time you’re in the northeast, check their schedule and check them out! Thanks!

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