October already?

Where did September go? Heck, where has 2013 gone? I still have to stop and think what year it is, and it’s almost over already. What’s going to happen in 2020 – will I even realize the year has changed before it’s gone? I guess the fact that time is flying is good. It means I’m busy.

Life in Idaho has been fun. I have lots of great friends here (that’s not to say I don’t have great friends in Florida), so am out a lot. I’m staying with wonderful friends who keep me sane, and warm, and not lonely. Work is – well, work is always work. It’s fun to see my name in the paper, and I work with nice people. (If you want to read any of my articles, go to http://www.cdapress.com and search for my last name; there’s one now, but will be more as time goes on.)

The weather is getting cold, and dark, and gray, and wet. Idaho’s weather is my albatross. If I wasn’t such an outside girl, I could tolerate it a lot better: I’d just stay inside until April! I have always been an outside girl, so not having windows to gaze out of, warm weather to revel in, beaches to walk – it all makes me a little stir crazy. (Okay, a lot stir crazy.) Not to mention having to wear SOCKS every day. That is the worst. I’m truly taking life day by day, focusing on the good, trying to ignore the bad, and pretending that winter is never going to come.

In three weeks, I’ll be in Key West for 5 days, back in my music world with my music friends. I’m counting the days. I might pitch a tent in Mallory Square and refuse to leave.

Anyway, I’m still out here. Trying to decide where my path lies. The Universe keeps shoving me in one direction, and then another. I’m looking for a crystal ball – or maybe a Ouija board – to help me make those big decisions. If anyone has an extra one, I’d love to borrow it. Maybe I need to visit that fortune teller on Duval Street…

Anyway, I’m fine, I miss my Florida life, I’m enjoying my Idaho life. Par for the course, in Bethland. I’ll try to check in more often. But in the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from Lake Pend Oreille. Enjoy!

My cousin and his neighbor Dave - and a rainbow - and the lake

My cousin taking pictures of the rainbow, and his neighbor Dave

The view from my cousin's lake cabin

The view from my cousin’s lake cabin

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6 Responses to October already?

  1. Pamela says:

    Take up skiing or BBQing in the snow!!
    Ha ha ha!!
    Get some spot lights for outside, so it looks light outside longer.
    And a fire in the fireplace is good!!

    I wonder what those Swedes do??


  2. LLH says:

    Gah! Maybe Bethland is exactly what you’re doing, slinging your car (and yourself) back and forth across the country? Sounds to me that you’re having way more fun, living way more life than most people and maybe you just dont even see that bc its how you’ve always lived.

    I’m jealous of the life you dont want!


    • Beth says:

      Jealous of the life I don’t want. Wise thoughts, LH. Dunno what life I DO want. 🙂 Trying to figure it out – you can have mine any time! 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Ah, Beth…. you look fit enough to ski those Idaho slopes! That’s what I would be doing those short Winter days!

    • Beth says:

      No skiing any more, Julie. My circulation in my hands is so bad, I can’t downhill. Only XC and snowshoeing, and I hate snow and being cold. So most likely won’t be out there in the white stuff, but glad you still enjoy it! 🙂

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