About Beth

I’m a writer and a lyricist, constantly searching for answers – although I’m not really sure what the questions are. I love the beach and the mountains, friends and family, tequila and chocolate (not necessarily in that order).

I grew up in Europe and Asia, and have seen parts of many other countries as an adult. In 2005, I sailed around the world with 700 college students, and have driven across the US too many times to count. Now I’m living in St. Augustine, FL, finally putting down roots and working on making this the place I can call “home.”

Trying to write a song, but stuck on the lyrics? Looking for a book to read at the beach? Interested in my travels? This site has the answers. Check out the various pages to buy my books or the songs I’ve co-written, or drop me a note if you’re looking for a songwriting partner or a freelance writer.

Thanks for stopping by!


8 Responses to About Beth

  1. Ann Byrns says:

    Beth, I LOVE your blog! Congrats on the writings you’ve managed to publish. I see we have something in common, that is, we’ve traveled so much we now wonder “Where is HOME?”

    Have you seen the movie “Lover” with Jane March? If not, rent it or put it on your netflix list. It’s a little racy in parts, but I think you will absolutely love it. Foreign lands, a writer’s memoirs . . .

    I enjoyed hearing “Wildfire” again–haven’t heard that song in ages. –Ann

    • Beth says:

      Ann, you’re so sweet to check it out! I lost the first blog last month, with 5 years of my babblings, so this is Version Two. But we all have to move on, right?

      I haven’t seen the movie, but will put it on the list. Thanks for the recommendation. And yes, home is a elusive concept for some of us. It sounds like you’ve found one in CA!

      Nice to hear from you…take care! And thanks!!

  2. Terri Osborne says:

    Hi Beth
    Chris’ Mom! Since I missed you in January, I thought I would at least look you up on line!
    What a wonderful blog.
    What a great life you have had, and continue to do!!

    Sounds like you have more than adjusted to the desert life!

    Hope you enjoyed the Lally celebration!

    Best wishes

    • Beth says:

      Terri!! What a treat to see you here! Or anywhere, for that matter. 🙂 I was SO sorry not to see you when you were out here – it’s been way too long. Thanks for looking for me – we missed you at Lally’s party on Sunday. I hadn’t seen your brother in forever, so that was fun to catch up. Hopefully the next time you’re out here we’ll be able to get together. Til then, I hope you come back and check on us again!!

  3. Gary C says:

    Very nice Beth!

    While I read the first page of your blog and looked at the pics (BTW… beautiful),…it reminded me of the “The Sea”. It is a must have!

    Talk soon!

    Gary C.

  4. Peg Reinhart says:

    Hi, Beth. So glad I get to be a part of you putting down roots in St. Augustine!

  5. caryn glasser says:

    Hi Beth – I read a posting of yours about Larry Foster – my childhood friend. I grew up with Larry in Juilliard. He was a few years older than me so I was very young at the time – 8 years old when I first met him. We spent every Saturday evening together after Juilliard – dinner, watching TV shows back at the hotel they lived in in NYC and we spent our summers together in the same house in Tanglewood, MA. I adored him and I, too, had a crush on him growing up. I was so sad when he left for London and I lost touch with him at that time. I had the same experience you had. I came back from the city one day and my mother handed me a newspaper article about Larry’s death. I was stunned and crushed. To this day, I think about him for any reason – when I hear a particular piece of music, a cellist, see someone with blond hairm,or, I think of him for no reason at all. I still have his flyer from Columbia Artists in my scrapebook from my performances when I was young. I am not surprised at anything that people wrote about Larry – he was a very special and rarre person.


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