Separate lives

IMG_0174I leave for Key West in the morning. EARLY in the morning. Returning to Florida, where half of my heart lies. The other half is here in North Idaho, where it’s been for many years. Do you think maybe I could have picked two places that were a LITTLE closer together? Having lives in places 3000 miles apart is rough. When I’m in one place, I miss the other – even though I enjoy where I am, when I’m there. But part of me always wants to be somewhere else.

I know, I know, you can never have everything. My father always said if there was a perfect place, it’d be full. And my financial advisor has reminded me that I don’t have to MOVE to a place I love – I can just visit it.

So this week, I’ll visit a place that I love, back in the midst of my crazy music world with my crazy music friends. And hope that the memories I make will carry me through the North Idaho winter, until I can get back again. Unless I win the lottery… (although I understand that requires buying a ticket). But I’ll also look forward to returning to Idaho, to my friends and my life up here.

I’m trying to learn to appreciate where I am when I’m there, instead of always looking ahead – or behind. I never have quite mastered the “now” concept, although I keep trying. I read something that DJ Jeff said, about how he learned to appreciate every day this past year, when he knew his days were numbered. Heck, ALL of our days are numbered – we just conveniently ignore that fact.

Anyway, for the next few days, I’ll try to live in the now. I’ll soak up every ounce of fun to be had, enjoy being with my Florida friends, and fill my memory banks with good times. Then I’ll return to Idaho, where the rest of my life waits. Which is filled with some pretty good stuff these days, as well. If it would just stay above freezing until, say, June…

I’ll try to post pictures on Facebook, although I’m not promising anything. I hope everyone has half as much fun as I’m going to have, and I’ll wish you all were with us, down on the island.

Be back soon!  Stay tuned!

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