IMG955195My friend Dave shared this with me recently, and although there are a few small things that aren’t quite accurate (my memory is selective, don’t really have any nervous habits, and don’t know that I’m moody), overall it’s a pretty good picture of me.

While I don’t read my horror-scope every day and believe that that’s exactly how my day is going to go, this description pegs me pretty well.

Maybe Dave knows me better than I thought he did! 🙂

Does your zodiac sign describe you as well as mine does me?

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2 Responses to Pisces

  1. Julie says:

    LOL! Both my daughter and I are Pisces, too, and (except for that lover part) I think we pretty much fits us. I have always heard the dreamer thing about Pisces and that is a trait that is very, very strong. “Pisces – a Dreamer of Dreams, a Teller of Tales” (had this on my PIsces coffee cup back in the 1980’s and I wish I still had it!)

    • Julie says:

      By the way, my husband and, come to think of it, my dad, also, are both often opposite in traits to our Piscean ones (they share the same zodiac). That makes a good balancing act to my Pisces traits.

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