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What the heck have I been up to?

Okay, it’s Saturday night. I worked for 11 hours straight today, then gave up. Now the evening stretches ahead, with a long list of things that haven’t been done in – well, forever. And this is at the top of … Continue reading

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The hurrieder I go…

Sorry, too much going on to sit down and write – that’s my theme song these days, huh? Just a quick note to say yes, I’m alive. Yes, I’m working too much. Lots of other stuff going on, too, that … Continue reading

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If it’s Wednesday, it must be – Phoenix?

Is it Wednesday? The days all look the same from my desk in my cozy home office. But even cozy home offices begin to suffocate you when you don’t get out of them. Yesterday was another 15 hour workday. I … Continue reading

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Pete and Repeat

Just stopping in to say I’m still working too many hours. The paycheck will be nice, but I’m exhausted. No time to do much more than sleep a few hours, grab a bowl of cereal, and continue working. Hopefully today … Continue reading

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In case you’ve been under a rock, the results of the Folgers jingle contest are in – and guess whose jingle is one of the five finalists?!? Yes indeedy! John Reno and John Patti (with a little help from their … Continue reading

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Endings and beginnings

I finally did it. I bought a car. After a year of stalling, surfing, shopping, driving, thinking, questioning, driving some more, negotiating, and soul-searching, I’ve replaced my trusty Solara. With another Solara. My trusty old black Solara has over 250,000 … Continue reading

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Lately I’ve been experiencing a distinct lack of time. (In case you hadn’t noticed.) Working 18- to 20-hour days leaves very little time for other, less important things – like eating, showering, and sleeping. I’m paying my dues right now, … Continue reading

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