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Stickybun come soon…

This made me laugh on Monday, when I needed a laugh. Now I see that they’re calling it controversial. I think some people just need to relax…or take a ride in a Volkswagen! Advertisements

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Lessons learned

I should make this a regular feature – it used to be, in my old blog. Not an official one; it’s just that I seem to keep learning lessons. Then again, isn’t that what life’s all about, continually learning, improving, … Continue reading

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Savannah – the rest of the story

So, now that you’ve had plenty of time to enjoy the pictures I posted last week, I’ll share some more – and tell you about my trip to Savannah. You know my traveling shoes have been gathering dust for a … Continue reading

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I’ll post the actual story of my trip to Savannah, and photos that help tell the story, in a day or two. But now, I want to post some fun pictures. Beth attempting to be artistic.

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It’s amazing how one small thing can change the course of – well, other things. One rock in a stream changes the way the water flows, and eventually can impact the bank, the plants on that bank, and the wildlife … Continue reading

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I used to move. A lot. Okay, a WHOLE lot. It seemed that every few months I’d be uprooting myself and hauling everything I owned to another city, another state. Starting all over again: new friends, new job, new address, … Continue reading

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Lawrence Foster

Today is Lawrence’s birthday. Or would be, if he were still here. Unfortunately, I lost my friend in 1980. He was killed by a man who wanted to steal the car he was selling. Which was horrible. But considering Lawrence … Continue reading

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