Don’t waste a second

My Trop Rock world lost another of our shining stars today. DJ Jeff lost his battle with cancer this afternoon. I saw him in May, when I was in Key West, and we recently exchanged Facebook comments about trading hugs next week. He was instrumental in bringing Trop Rock to the Internet through Beachfront Radio, so touched all of our lives through the music.

I ache for his lady – you could tell how much they loved each other by just being around them. I would be lucky to find someone to love me that much. Carol stood by his side through this whole ordeal, and I can’t fathom what she’s dealing with right now.

Jeff was always positive and cheery, squeezing every second out of the time he had left. Even though we knew the situation was dire, we still hoped that he would be the exception to the rule. I guess I convinced myself he would, so it was such a shock to read that he wasn’t able to.

We’ll all be in Key West next week, and I know his name will be everywhere. We’ll have time to comfort each other, and reminisce, and celebrate his life. And curse cancer for taking another of our family way too soon.

It’s yet another reminder that life is short, and I better stop wasting precious minutes of it. I’m vowing tonight to work harder at figuring out what *I* want out of life, instead of trying to please everyone else and be what they want me to be. Because every second I waste, Jeff would like back.

My heart hurts tonight.

Sail on, Jeff.

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2 Responses to Don’t waste a second

  1. LLH says:

    I’m so, so sorry you are hurting and for the loss of your friend. Eye opening at how life turns on a dime. Sometimes I think that’s why God takes the good ones, to kick the rest of us in the ass.
    Hugs to you, Dear Friend.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Lori. We’re all stunned. Not that it wasn’t expected someday, but you always hope that this time, they’re going to beat it. We’ll commiserate next week and support each other, but losing someone always sucks. And yes, often ass-kicking is required. It sucks to lose another good one. 😦

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