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(These pictures are of the Discovery launching on April 5, 2010, before dawn, as I watched from St. Augustine Beach.) I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since the Challenger tragedy. As with tragic events, I remember exactly where I … Continue reading

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(I’m the one in the red, last spring at Splash Mountain. One of my favorite rides!) So as part of my online transcription job, I had to close-caption the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. Twice (once for cable, once for … Continue reading

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What happened to your cool website?

Yeah, I know, it’s gone. It was indeed very cool. But unfortunately, it required a Web-savvy person to maintain it. And I might spend a lot of time on the Web, but savvy I’m not. I couldn’t change it myself. … Continue reading

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My new venture

So I’m branching out. Not only am I writing novels, maintaining a blog, arguing with Google, cursing the movers, exploring Phoenix, unpacking boxes, looking for work, transcribing videos, writing songs, and shopping for a guest room sofa bed, I’m contributing … Continue reading

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Whale watching

Believe it or not, I’ve never been whale-watching. Well, I watched a whale circle the harbor in Cape Town, as I sipped a German beer at a German Bier Haus. And we watched from the ship as whales cavorted, when … Continue reading

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I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

Picture: Sunset at the pier at Ocean Beach, CA. (Disclaimer: If you like Google, read this with the knowledge that right now, I do not like it/them at all. Sorry.) Yep, it’s me. Really! I’m back! Welcome to the new … Continue reading

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