Week Two

20130611_201356Week two in Key West was basically a repeat of Week One, but without the rain. I listened to live music most nights. Caught just about every sunset. Met friends for drinks. Wandered Duval every day, people watching and soaking up the atmosphere. Crawled into bed late every night, tired but happy.


One day, my friend Koz and I wandered the Keys. He showed me spots I’ve tried to find (unsuccess-fully) for years, locals spots, favorite spots, peaceful spots. I even finally saw a Key deer, after years of missing them.


And then finally, after two weeks in paradise, I drove home. It’s always hard leaving Key West, and this time was no different. I planned to stay for a full month, but it was time to come home. I had business to attend to back up north. Besides, my questions had been answered.


Now it’s back to the real world – although I question which one is truly real. I left new friends and old, favorite places, fun memories. I return to old friends, familiar places, regular routines. And now have to decide when I’ll head back to the islands…

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4 Responses to Week Two

  1. LLH says:

    Answered? (You thought I’d miss that?)

  2. Pamela says:

    I envy your freedom to make the choice to stay or go. Don’t limit yourself!.

  3. Julie says:

    Nice trip!

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