Onward and upward

Sorry for the delay in posting, but my Day From Hades continued the day after the last post, when my laptop died. So I’ve been offline while it’s in the shop. I’m borrowing a PC from a friend, so am fighting with trying to remember how to run one of these things.

A friend called last night, concerned that I wasn’t happy. So I figured I better update everyone, so you don’t think I jumped off a bridge or anything.

My car is back from the shop, and looks gorgeous. Hopefully my laptop will be fixed this week. My  landlord replaced the blown breaker and the screen door that the storm destroyed this weekend. The pepper plants are still struggling, especially after they drowned in our nor’easter ON MY COVERED PORCH (it was a whale of a storm, apparently). I can get a new phone on June 1. The cable is still spotty, so I need to make another call. And I had a great weekend listening to friends play music, and hanging out with my dear friend Laurie.

Anyway, things always improve. Life is good. It’s just easy to forget to count your blessings sometimes. As my friend Larry pointed out, our first world problems are really pretty minor in comparison to those other folks face.

So I’m fine. I’m working lots, planning for the future, trying to enjoy the now. And have to remember not to post late at night, when things seem so much more dire than they really are.

Here’s to a wonderful Thursday for all of us, and a fun weekend ahead!

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2 Responses to Onward and upward

  1. LLH says:

    Awwwww…..you ALWAYS land on your feet, no matter what. Not worried about you a BIT! Your life is charmed, where you live along with a flexible job and pastimes (or should that be pass-times) you make the time to enjoy! I envy you every day…..

    We need more blog postings!

    • Beth says:

      Hey LH! I know, life slips by and I forget to update it. Well, this weekend I couldn’t cuz I was unwired. I’ll try to do a better job! Not so sure about the charmed part – remember, I’m a fiction writer. I can make anything look good! 🙂

      Miss you, my friend! xoxoxo

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