Make every second count – remembering Troy Allan

I’m missing my friend Troy Allan today. Troy was a music friend who lost his battle with cancer a couple of years ago. But he spent the last year of his life pursuing his dream, and encouraging others in the process.

Every time I waste a day wishing for what isn’t, I remind myself that Troy would like to have that day back. That he wouldn’t have wasted a second of it feeling sorry for himself. That he would have packed it full of living instead of whining.

He’s been gone too long, but I still think of him all the time, and try to make him proud of me. Sometimes I fall short, but hopefully more days than not, he’s looking down and smiling at my feeble attempts to live a fuller life, and to remind folks what an amazing person he was. They didn’t call him Superman for nothing.

Squeeze every inch of life you can out of every minute today…we never know how many minutes we have left.

This is my favorite song of his.

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2 Responses to Make every second count – remembering Troy Allan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beth, I think of Troy often. And you’re right… he squeezed every second out of the time he had left… and never complained. I should follow his example. Cheers! JR

    • Beth says:

      Hey John! We need to catch up soon – I was thinking of calling you this morning. I always think of you when I think of him. And yes, me too! Hugs to you both – xoxo

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