An opportunity for growth

(At least that’s what I’m telling myself!)

It was one of those days. Everything that could go wrong, did.

Well, probably not everything. No one hit my rental car (the Solara is in the shop after a woman backed into it last week). I didn’t whack my head hard enough to draw blood (I did that last month, and still have a lump). And the ocean didn’t come up the beach and flood my apartment (like I dreamed the other night). So okay, everything didn’t go wrong.  But boy, enough did.

My Internet and cable have been cutting off for days, so The Cable Guy showed up early this morning to fix it. Which was pretty exciting, until they went out again tonight. Now I have to wait for more Cable Guys to show up tomorrow to fix it again. I tried to see a couple of friends, but they were either on the wrong side of town or busy with customers. Another friend called, but he hasn’t figured out his new iPhone, and I could barely hear him. The Internet at the library was too spotty to use, so I couldn’t work. I tried to take a walk on the beach, and enjoy the wind and the waves, but it started raining when I was a few minutes from the house. I tried to heat my dinner in the microwave, and blew a fuse that won’t unblow. So there are extensions cords stretched all across the kitchen and living room, since the fridge is on the same circuit.

I tried to work on one of my blog books, but the program kept crashing. I tried to watch a movie, but the TV kept turning off. I tried to watch a DVD, but apparently I forgot to remove the batteries in the remote, and the metal bits inside were eaten away by acid, so it won’t work. The first two movies I chose were awful. I finally found an old favorite, The Lord of the Rings, heated a cup of tea, and stopped trying to do anything.

I didn’t mention the pepper plants that are losing their leaves, the wind that blew one of my signs off the porch and broke it, the touchpad on my phone that is slowly failing, getting stuck behind a train and in rush hour traffic in Jacksonville, the upset stomach from something I ate, and my continued struggle with ghosts that just won’t die.

Anyway, by 9pm, I’d had enough, but it was too early to go to bed. So I’m drinking tea, watching my movie, and waiting patiently for tomorrow, when things will be better.

In the end, nothing awful happened. There are people in the world who had a much worse day than I did. Maybe I needed to be reminded that my little challenges aren’t such a big deal, after all. Maybe I’m supposed to gain perspective, patience, or wisdom. And appreciate a day when things go right.

I have fun plans for the weekend, so will focus on those and not on the failures of today. There just are days when you beat your head against the wall so many times, you leave dents (hopefully in the wall, and NOT in your head). And wonder what the heck I did to upset the Cosmos so badly.

Here’s to a better tomorrow, and a weekend filled with good friends and great music! I hope yours is half as good as mine is going to be…

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6 Responses to An opportunity for growth

  1. Pamela says:

    Goodness, girl!!!! What’s happenin’??!!??

    Well, maybe all the inconvenient and boring and bad stuff happened all at once so that next week will be trouble-free!

    • Beth says:

      Boy, I sure hope so, Pami! The universe sure was upside-down yesterday. Today’s going to be a much better day, now that that stuff is all out of the way! Hope your day is going well! xo

  2. Oh, those days are so draining and depressing. But you are right. You did NOT have the world’s worst day. As first world inhabitants we can never have the worst day, assuming all loved ones are accounted for. What we get instead are trials of patience. And faith. And hope. Those very things that are supposed to sustain us!

    In the end, you did exactly what you could do: retire to the lowest common pleasure- a cup of tea. (Personally, I might have gone to wine at that point, but I digress.) Something about the simple pleasure of a cup of tea offers meditation & relaxation, with a spoonful of fortitude. And it focuses you thoughts so you can remember that, through it all, you are loved. And some times, that is enough.

    Sending you hugs and good electronic karma!! xo

    • Thanks, Karen. It really wasn’t depressing. It got funny after a while – “What’s going to go wrong next?!” Then the next morning, my laptop died, so the fun just kept coming! Anyway, thanks for the virtual hugs. Once I get a new laptop, I’ll be back with much peppier posts! xo

  3. Larry Kollar says:

    A whole string of #FirstWorldProblems, sounds like. I hope your old laptop didn’t take any data with it to the Great Beyond, that would suck.

    The “blown fuse that won’t unblow” sounds like maybe a faulty breaker. I’ve seen a few of those. You’re renting, right? Call the management and have them fix it.

    “Here come better days,” as the song goes…

    • Beth says:

      Hey Larry! Yeah, lots of not-so-awful stuff. But it added up to a ton of “What’s next?”

      Laptop is backed up, but I never trust those things. Apple has it now; hopefully it’s a $80 fix. Otherwise, it’s a new machine, which certainly isn’t in the budget. Sigh.

      The landlord fixed the breaker, repaired the screen door the storm destroyed this weekend. My car is still in the shop. The internet and cable are STILL wonky. The pepper plants are dying, mainly from drowning in the 9″ of rain we had this weekend – and they were on the covered porch!

      Anyway, all’s fine. I guess I need to do a follow-up post to assure folks I didn’t do myself in this weekend. 🙂 Thanks for the virtual sunshine!

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