Gift from the sea

We’ve had crazy winds the last few days. Which usually means that we’re going to find some shells on the beach. NEFL isn’t known for our shells – that’s Sanibel and Captiva, on the Gulf side – but after a big storm, I’ve been lucky enough to find some doozies.

Which happened yesterday. It’s a welk shell, which are my favorites. It’s a good 7-8″ long, and perfect. I often find bits and pieces, but rarely a whole one like this. As you can imagine, it’s now living in style on my coffee table.

I’m off to walk the beaches again, to see what other treasures I can find…wanna come with me?

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3 Responses to Gift from the sea

  1. LLH says:

    YES! and WOW! I’ve never seen one that size.

    You are so lucky to live where you do. I also woke up this AM to walk along the water. Too bad that water seems to have taken up permanent residence in MY BASEMENT and will not go away. (30 days to evict? – I’ll try anything at this point.) No shells, just good old Midwestern seepage.

    Enjoy, you lucky dog….


  2. Larry Kollar says:

    I saw a bigger one on the Gulf side, in January, but it was occupied. So, after getting pictures, and avoiding the whelk trying to squirt me, I put it back. Wife was amazed at how fast it started digging!

    • Beth says:

      I’ve never seen a live one, Larry, thankfully! Mine are all very dead. Though there was too much death on the beach tonight – a sea turtle, a big bird of some kind, 3 starfish, 2 big jellyfish like creatures…way too much death. 😦

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