More versions available!

Looks like my book is now available in these versions:

Kindle (Amazon)






Barnes and Noble (Nook) is the final version that I’m waiting on. Hopefully it’ll be online in the next week or so.

Guess I’d better ramp up my marketing, so more people than just my friends know it’s out there. And I guess I’d better think about buying an ereader, if I’m gonna publish books online! It’s on the list…

And thanks to Donna for the glowing review on Amazon! Anyone else that wants to write one, I’d be eternally grateful. Even more grateful than I am that you bought it in the first place, which is still incredibly cool.

It’s pretty doggone exciting to Google yourself, and see a book with your name on it…color me tickled pink!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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2 Responses to More versions available!

  1. Larry Kollar says:

    You missed a trick — where are the links? 😉

    Did you go through Smashwords for the non-Amazon stores? I found that Smash gets me into iBooks first, then Nook, then the rest kind of straggle in.

    • Beth says:

      Doggone it! I was going to do that. I added links to some other post, but apparently not this one. Guess I need to do another post – thanks LK!

      No, went through BookBaby. It put me in Amazon first, then the others, and iBooks and Nook are still on their way…..

      Thanks!!! I need to get pointers from you on how to market the doggone thing – haven’t taken much time to do that, sigh. Never enough time…. 🙂 Hope yours is still doing well!

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