Where in the world is Beth?


Sunrise over the ocean, from my front porch

Life has been frantic since I got back from Belize. I barely unpacked my suitcase when I repacked it, and everything else I own, and hauled it down to St. Augustine. Yes, I moved again. But when you hear where I moved to, you’ll understand.

I moved to the beach.

Yes, the beach girl finally is living ON the beach. I have a funky little apartment that faces the ocean. I can lie in bed and watch the sunrise, listen to the waves, hear the calling of the seagulls as they soar on the thermals. I can wiggle my toes in the sand without having to put on shoes to get there. Walk three blocks, and watch the sunrise from one of my favorite bars on the Intercoastal Waterway. Moving was a pain, but the outcome is very much worth it.

John Reno and Eric Ellis

John Reno and Eric Ellis

Then my sister was here – she actually helped me move, goddess that she is. We did some touristy stuff, but mostly hung out and enjoyed some down time together. We did visit the Fountain of Youth, and I believe we’re looking younger already! Funny that when we asked the guide, as we were sipping the magical waters, if there were any guarantees, he said, “I guarantee that it’s water.”

I spent a day with my friend Fred, who I haven’t seen in almost 20 years, listening to my songwriting buddy John Reno play Jim Croce’s music. It was great to see John and his new bride again; my singer/songwriter friends all live too far away!

My sis at the Fountain of Youth

My sis at the Fountain of Youth

I had a couple of days to myself before my friend Charlie Imes showed up for his Florida tour. We spent a couple of weeks wandering around the state; he played music while I played roadie.

"The" Fountain of Youth!

“The” Fountain of Youth!

As part of our whirlwind tour, we spent a few days in the Keys. You know how much I love the Keys, so it wasn’t hard to convince me to go. And we had a blast. I can’t begin to tell you everything we did. Beers at my favorite bars, lots of music, wandering Duval, hanging out with friends. I always feel like I’m home when I’m down there (no, I don’t know why I haven’t moved there yet – well, yes, I do. I’d need to win the lottery, or get a BIG raise, to be able to afford the rent), so it was a great weekend.

One of the big surprises of the weekend was the chance to hear a high school friend, Matt Backer, play music. I haven’t seen him since 1978, but we’re Facebook friends. So when he posted that he was playing at the Green Parrot, I was stunned (he lives in London). It was such a treat to see the look on his face when I identified myself (our school was small, so we all pretty much knew each other, or at least knew OF each other), and we chatted for a bit before he played. Apparently he has a #1 song on the charts right now, with Julian Lennon. Just another of the many joys of Key West.

Sunset over the ICW with Ginny and Deb

Sunset over the ICW with Ginny and Deb

What else did we do? An evening at the Nav-A-Gator, a funky Florida bar voted the best Trop Rock venue in the country many years running. A night in Islamorada at the Island Grill with new friends. More time (and sticky buns) with Pete and Eileen. A day on the boat cruising Charlotte Harbor with Captain Pete, visiting some of the places I’ve heard of, but never seen (Bert’s and Cabbage Key). We even caught an Orioles game with my sis and BIL – gotta love spring training!

Cabbage Key with Captain Pete

Cabbage Key with Captain Pete

Oh yes, and I had a birthday in there somewhere, which was celebrated with friends, food, and way too much fun. Being 29 again hasn’t been too bad, so far!

With Charlie on Cabbage Key

With Charlie on Cabbage Key

Anyway, that’s the past month in a nutshell. The coming month is boring, in com-parison. Work, work, work, and work – not necessarily in that order. I’ll squeeze in a quick jaunt to Orlando for dinner with an old friend, a little dog-sitting, a new friend coming for the weekend (cocktails on the beach, Laurie!) and a wedding, but otherwise it’s nose to the grindstone. I’ve gotta pay for all of that fun somehow!

Sunset at Bert's in Matlacha

Sunset at Bert’s in Matlacha

So if you’re looking for me, I’m the one slumped over my desk, pounding on my laptop, hoping that I never see another Martha Stewart show again. Well, I’ll be at my desk except for those moments when I’m watching that sunrise from my cozy beach pad…

(And if you want to hear some pretty music, check out YouTube for some of Charlie’s videos. Heck, buy his CD, while you’re at it!)

Stay tuned to find out what kind of trouble I can get into, here in StA.

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4 Responses to Where in the world is Beth?

  1. Beth Ann Daye says:

    Hi Beth. Sounds like your adventures continue. I’m very glad of that. Glad you’re finally on the beach too.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Beth! Yeah, I guess they do. And here I thought I was living a pretty quiet life. Guess I was…trying to find a happy medium. Hope you’re well and warm up there! xo

  2. Hey, Your new place sounds wonderful. Now that Scott has a normal job we should be able to make a visit your way. Love to see you.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Beth! I’ve been trying to get over there, but life has been insane. We need to catch up! I’ll be in touch soon. Would love to see you! xo

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