Belize, Day 7 (which would be Friday, or The Last Day On The Island)



Friday already. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I sat on this beach and reveled in the knowledge that I had a full week ahead of me? And now it’s over. Well, almost. One last day to do all of the things that I had been putting off, and all of the things that I enjoyed doing every day. So, of course, we started with our morning walk on the beach. I took pictures of shoes, because apparently everyone in Belize walks around with one shoe. (Watch for a future post featuring these pictures, and the story.)

Proof that I really was there!

Proof that I really was there!

We returned to Athens Gate to do a wee bit of computer work, and laundry, then read in the sun for a while. I didn’t really eat much the day before, so decided to run across the street and grab a quick brunch. I met Mark, the new owner of Mr. Joe’s (aka Lone Star Grill) – heck, I made him open the restaurant 10 minutes early – and chatted with him while his cook made me a stir fry, which was one of the best meals I had all week!

Typical mode of transport - golf carts!

Typical mode of transport – golf carts!

Then we headed to the airport for the final surprise of the week. Mark Mulligan traveled two days to get to Belize to help Kelly celebrate his 60th birthday, and we wanted to see Kelly’s face when Mark arrived. It was well worth it, in spite of the choice names Kelly called us for keeping yet one more secret from him.

Mark and Kelly

Mark and Kelly

I hung out with Mark on the beach for a bit, then Sandy and I grabbed a cab into town for a little shopping before meeting our friends Dave and Carolyn at Ramon’s for a purple parrot, which was a yummy ice cream and rum drink that wasn’t purple at all. I grabbed a slice of bread pudding from Ruby’s for dinner (it had most of the major food groups: sugar, milk, bread…), then headed to Fido’s for my last concert. It was wonderful, as usual, especially since Mark sang a few of his songs before the band ended the evening with a massive jam session. It was sad to know that my nights of music were ending, since I’m not sure when I’ll hear Kelly or Mark sing and play again. Hopefully soon! It was fun while it lasted though.

Thursday's sunset

Thursday’s sunset

But luckily, the evening wasn’t over. We talked Mark into joining us on the beach for cocktails, and spent a couple of hours laughing and talking with this wonderful person. All too soon, it was midnight, and I was beat. I reluctantly said goodbye to my friend, not knowing when our paths will cross again – he lives in Mexico, and I don’t – and staggered upstairs to collapse face-first yet again into my pillow.

A few more hours, and my time in Belize will be over. Hopefully I’ll have time to process all that happened next week…or not!

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