Belize, Day 4

The prerequisite water/palapa/palm tree shot

The daily water/palapa/palm tree shot

I’m slowly falling behind, chronologically. But if you ignore the calendar and know that this is Tuesday’s story, you won’t be confused. You’ll be on Island Time with the rest of us!


Connie and Joe on our verandah

The days are falling into a pattern. Sleep until 6:30am, walk on the beach with the girls, sit in the sun with a good book, then reluctantly leave the beach and go upstairs to dress, shower, and head into town for errands and the evening’s show. Oh, and adult beverages. Did I mention the adult beverages? So far I’ve had pina coladas, Belikin beers, rum punch, mojito, and a watermelon whatchamacallit. I’ve heard of a pantyripper, so need to try that. (The drink, folks, the drink.) Had rice and beans for dinner last night, but that’s as close to local food as I’ve had. We’re talking about rum cakes this afternoon. And I tried Belikin chocolate. Rum, chocolate and cake – aren’t they the base of that food pyramid we learned about in school?

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Anyway, that was how yesterday went. Sandy and I walked on the beach. We spent most of the day working on our tans and reading, and chatting with Connie. Then into town to get ready for the show, which was a lot of fun. Mr. K. outdid himself. New friends asked me to dance, and we partied the night away. The only sour note was the drunk guy who wanted to share the stage with Kelly, and Joe had to don his alter-ego cop persona to safeguard our favorite musician. (Joe isn’t a cop, but he looks like every New York cop on television. He’s been taking advantage of it this week, scaring away drug dealers and pimps. And rabid fans. I think Kelly’s gonna hire him as his bodyguard for his next tour!)

Kelly at Fido's

Kelly at Fido’s

Yesterday, I promised I’d explain about my traveling shoes, but I seem to have forgotten whatever deep thought I had about it. Something to do with their not fitting as well as they used to. If I find that inspiration again, I’ll share. Remind me not to put off sharing interesting tidbits, because you know my memory…

Chess game on our morning walk

Chess game on our morning walk

Anyway, I’m relaxing more every day – as long as I do something that feels semi-productive. Even if it’s just working on my tan lines! I’m meeting new people. Trying new drinks. Exploring new places. Sleeping late (yes, 6:30 is late). Trying to learn how to sit back and let life just go by, instead of reaching out to feverishly grasp at every second. I would like to think I could bring this attitude back to the mainland, but I know I’ll be diving into my “real” life headfirst the second I land.

Poolside friend

Poolside friend (see the lizard?)

Then again, maybe if I bring back a six-pack of Belikin and a conch shell, I’ll be able to remind myself that life is too short to work all the freakin’ time…stay tuned, and see how I do with that.

I’ll be back tomorrow, with more tales from the islands! It’s not too late for you to hop on a plane and join us – we’ll save a lounge chair and a pantyripper for you!

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2 Responses to Belize, Day 4

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks fabulous, Beth. I so wish I was there. You go, girl. Enjoy!
    ~ Linda B

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