Savannah – the rest of the story

SDC10019So, now that you’ve had plenty of time to enjoy the pictures I posted last week, I’ll share some more – and tell you about my trip to Savannah.

SDC10011You know my traveling shoes have been gathering dust for a quite a while. Well, last Tuesday, I gave them a quick shine and dashed up the coast. Friends from Colorado were in Savannah on business, so it was the perfect chance to get together and catch up, since I don’t drive cross-country any more and never get to see them.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

I had never been to Savannah, but folks told me it was well worth the trip. And they were SO right. I felt like I had traveled to another country, with the gorgeous architecture, historic buildings, lush parks with monuments and statues and fountains, cafes and restaurants, and the waterfront. It’s a world away from NEFL, that’s for sure!

We started the day by riding the trolley around the historic district to get our bearings and learn some of the history of the area, and then started walking.

Lunch was at one of Paula Deen’s restaurants, The Lady and Sons. I was surprised that we were able to walk right in and get a table; I figured there’d be a long wait. But it was a cold day (well, cold for Georgia – you northerners would laugh if I told you what the temperature was), so maybe everyone was inside, staying warm. I resisted the buffet filled with Southern specialties (I have to get into a bikini next week, and don’t want to scare small children) and opted for the asparagus sandwich with jack cheese on pumpernickel bread, which was wonderful. Then Beth and Jon left to tour some of the historic mansions, and I walked.

SDC10015I wanted to see the squares and take pictures of the buildings and experience the beauty of the city. And walk I did. For hours, stopping to snap photo after photo (I had no idea what I was taking pictures of; they were just pretty places). I wandered along the waterfront, strolled through Forsyth Park, and snacked on pralines filled with Georgia pecans. The day warmed up nicely, so I enjoyed every second, soaking up the sunshine.

SDC10064I met my friends at happy hour, and we stopped first at Moon River Brewing Company to sip on a Wild Wacky Wit, then Churchill’s Pub for a Black and Blue (Guinness and Blue Moon). Then it was on to the tavern in the basement of The Olde Pink House, a dimly-lit room with candles, dark wood, and a flickering fireplace. The wine was divine; the food, better. Caramelized Vidalia Onion & Sweet Potato Ravioli w/Savory Pecan Cream Sauce – and yes, it was as good as it sounds. It was incredibly romantic; too bad I didn’t have a date.

IMG955335_2SDC10005Anyway, we ate and drank and laughed, and basically enjoyed the company of good friends. Unfortunately, they had to get up early the next morning, and I had a 2.5 hour drive ahead of me, so we said sad goodbyes. My friends were on their way up the coast to Charleston, spending a few more days on the Right Coast before returning to the mountains. I headed back down the coast to Florida, knowing that I’d return soon. I barely skimmed the surface of this beautiful city, and next time will stay longer. Wanna come with me?SDC10004SDC10027

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2 Responses to Savannah – the rest of the story

  1. YES!! I definitely wanna come with you. When the employment gods finish their sadistic game of chess, perhaps I can find a cheap flight and meet you for a few days/ Game??

    • Beth says:

      Game! I’ll pick you up at any airport, and provide chauffeur and tour guide services!! That would be way fun, Helle! Heck of a lot warmer down here than it is up there. Just let me know when those gods fall into line…

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