Where does the time go?

How can it almost be Friday already? What the heck have I been doing this week? Well, working, although not on fun stuff. But paying the bills is fun, right?

The manuscript is one step closer to finding its way to the World. My sis did a read-through and caught a bunch of stuff I didn’t notice in my read-through (like using a peculiar word 18 times!). Now I have to make the corrections, and continue the process. But I worked 13+ hours today at my “real” job, so had no time to do any of my own stuff. Tomorrow I have to finish the work that I’m not finishing tonight (I’m going cross-eyed and I have fumble fingers), then I’m taking the evening off to listen to some live music, yay!

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have time to work on the manuscript, since there’s no more football to watch (sob!). Although my family will be arriving for an extended visit, so I am pretty sure there won’t be a lot of work done until Monday.

My brain is numb, as are my hind quarters, so I’m stumbling off to bed. Wish me luck that I’ll get the corrections done this weekend, and maybe next week the book will be ready to publish!

In the meantime….TGTF!

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