Music! Kelly McGuire

You know when I’m traveling, I hate to leave you with a blank page every day. So some of my Trop Rock friends are going to be entertaining you in my absence. Today it’s Kelly McGuire, playing one of my favorite songs in one of my favorite places, Lighthouse Court in Key West during Meeting of the Minds in 2008. I wasn’t there, but you can be through the magic of video. Sit back and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Music! Kelly McGuire

  1. Sandy says:

    HI Beth,

    Thanks for having Kelly on your blog. I will let him know that he is featured today! Have a great one!


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Sandy! Kelly has shown up here a few times. Gotta promote my friends! And I love this song. I forgot to add John Patti’s name, though. Oops! Have a great day, and tell Kelly hey!

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