My music!

If you’re looking for ideas for Christmas on this Black Friday, aka Craziest Shopping Day of the Year, how about buying a CD with songs on it that I cowrote?

Whaddya mean, you don’t believe that the perfect present is a song with my lyrics in it? 🙂

Well, for those of you who DO think that’d be a great gift, my work is on two CDs.

In case you didn’t know it, in addition to my books, I’ve been co-writing lyrics the last couple of years. John Reno and I wrote a number of songs together a couple of years ago (not to mention one of the top five entries in the 2011 Folgers jingle contest). Four of those songs are features on RENO: One Hit Away, Heaven’s Little Corner Cafe, Mayday, and If Only. Mayday actually was nominated as Trop Rock Song of the Year on the preliminary ballot for the Trop Rock awards this year. It didn’t make the final ballot, but being nominated at all was a huge honor. You can hear it on Radio Margaritaville every now and then, too! That CD is available here (click on the “buy” tab).

My latest song, The Reggae Song, I co-wrote with Dusty Barber, and it was recorded by The Conch Fritters on their debut album. Barry and Dusty are members of the Ocean Waves Band, but also have a number of projects they work on when they’re not playing with Jimmy Parrish. And this is their latest! They debuted in Key West at Willie T’s during Meeting of the Minds, and it was a lot of fun selling their T-shirts and listening to them play. And their first CD, Deep Fried, is available here.

I’ve also written with Gary Wingard, a local artist here in St. Augustine, but it’s not on a CD yet. You can believe as soon as it is, I’ll let you know. Ditto two songs I’ve written with The Island Castaway Band, a band out of Massachusetts – I haven’t even heard these songs so that’ll be fun, once they’re on a CD.

I’m up for other projects, if anyone’s looking for a lyricist – or a writer of any kind. These kinds of projects are a lot more rewarding than writing novels – or at least they are rewarding faster!

Anyway, stay tuned – I’m playing with the idea of publishing my books as ebooks, and an agent is reading one of my manuscripts. I just need to put more time into pursuing my passion and less into working at mindless jobs (even though they pay better). I’ll let you know what happens with those projects, and maybe you’ll have something ELSE to add to your Beth collection!

And I’m sure we can get anything you buy autographed by the artists, so when we’re rich and famous you can sell them on eBay and make a bundle!! 🙂

And here is Mayday, the first song John and I wrote.

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