Wee sojourn

The twins!

I’m off to Pensacola today. But first, I have to get my tire fixed. I spent the afternoon with Gary and Patti in Fernandina Beach yesterday, which is a quaint little town on the edge of Jacksonville. Cute little shops, great Mexican meal, crazy waves at the beach. Oh, and time spent with good friends (and their 4 dogs and not so sure how many cats). We laughed and walked and gazed and the ocean and the mist, and had a great visit.

Then I stopped at Bahama Breeze to listen to Barry play the pans (that’s steel drums), since I’ve been missing my boys something fierce. But work called, so I headed home. I had hoped to watch the lighting of the Christmas lights in St. Augustine, but heard a weird noise as I pulled into town, so headed home instead. I pulled into the garage, and discovered that my tire was flat. No clue when THAT happened, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t more than a mile or two from the house.

I tried to change it myself (my father taught me to change the tire on each car I bought, but I hadn’t done it for a while)(I used to change my own oil, too)(aren’t you impressed?), but the lug nuts were on too tight. So, thanking my AAA membership, I called and a wonderful man came out and changed it for me. By then, it was too late to see the lights, so I worked all evening instead.

So now I have to find a place that is open on Sunday morning in this church-going town, get my tire fixed, and then hit the road. A six-hour drive awaits. It’s funny how I seem to have flipped a switch; I’m really dreading being away from home. Although one of my best friends in the galaxy awaits at the other end: Jolee, my sometimes evil twin sister (we take turns being the evil one). We haven’t seen each other for months, so there is a LOT of catching up to do. And wine drinking. And cuddling with her seven-year old twins. I can’t wait! So the trip is well worth the effort. But it’s really interesting: Road Warrior Beth seems to have hung up her driving gloves when I wasn’t looking. I’ll only be gone a couple of days, then will be home in time for Thanksgiving. But I still wish I was going to be home the next few days. Weird, huh?

I’m REALLY dreading being away from home for three weeks in December, although I will love being with my friends and family. I guess it was time for that phase of my life to end, so a new one could begin.

Anyway, I’m off to scour the streets of St. Augustine for an open tire-fix-it place. Then on the road. I’ll check in as I can, but if you don’t hear from me, know that The Twins are tearing up the Panhandle! (Well, we’ll actually be sitting on the back porch watching the sun set over the river with a glass of wine, but you know what I mean.)

Have a great Sunday! Watch some football for me!

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2 Responses to Wee sojourn

  1. Sandy says:

    Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit!!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Sandy! Made it safely, and had a great afternoon. Worked tonight (UGH), but plan to play tomorrow! Hope you had a great weekend, and are feeling better…

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