I am blessed to have a lot of friends. I continue to be amazed that there are so many people out there who enjoy my company, and want to spend time with me. And I’m even more amazed when I meet someone who I know right away is going to be a good friend.

You know what I mean? You meet a person, and there’s that immediate connection. Something in them reaches out to something in you, and recognizes a kindred soul. Within minutes, you feel as though you’ve been friends forever. Maybe on some other plain, we have been.

That happened a couple of times in Key West. I met two women who I have no doubt are going to be good friends. Luckily, one lives across the marsh from me, so hopefully we’ll see a lot of each other. The other is in Texas, so we’ll have to stay in touch online since we can’t meet for coffee. Both are part of the music world I inhabit, so we have that in common. But there was just something about them that called to me, and made me smile every time I saw them.

(I am also thrilled that Jimmy and the band have adopted me; how lucky can a girl get, with a group of handsome, talented men watching out for her? Again, folks who I hope will be a part of my life for a very long time. Waving to my guys!)

It’s hard having friends scattered across the country – heck, around the world. I’m lucky to be able to visit some of them when I travel, but then when I leave I feel as though I’m leaving a piece of my heart behind. A friend once told me that my world was too big (she was referring to the fact that men seem to be scared to date me, but that’s another issue entirely), and I have to agree with her. That’s one of the many reasons I’m trying to shrink my world to a more manageable size – St. Augustine-sized. But thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I’ll always be able to reach out and touch those folks who are NOT in my backyard.

Anyway, my life is filled with wonderful people, and I’m grateful for each and every one of them. I’m excited about the new friends I’m meeting in StA. I met lots of musicians in KW last week who had heard of my lyric-writing work, and that was VERY flattering (now if they’d just ask me to work with them!). And I can’t wait to see who else is waiting around the corner for me to meet.

But in the meantime, Ginny and I plan to have cocktails this week. And Sandy has promised to take me out on their boat the next time I’m in Texas. You rock, ladies, and I can’t wait until the next time that our paths cross.

My friends are truly the best part of my life (next to my family – well, some of my family!), and my rock and anchor in this crazy world. I am humbled by their gift of friendship, although I have no idea how I’ve earned it. I just hope they keep liking me!

Treasure your friends. They are the family that you choose. I’m grateful to have the best family in the world – thank you for being a part of it!

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2 Responses to Friends

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beth, you are awesome. I am so happy to be considered your friend. I love reading your blog. I will continue to do so. I can so relate to so many of the things you write about. I do hope that I will have a chance to come and visit with you. Would love to get to know you better and hear all about your life and adventures. And also, the invitation to come to Texas and visit is always open. I enjoyed getting to listen to Jimmy and the guys. They are wonderful. Keep up the great work and I will be waiting for the next time I can stop in and read more! 🙂
    HUGS! Sandy

    • Beth says:

      Hugs back, Sandy! Thanks for the kind words, and for checking in – you’re famous, now that you’re on my blog. HA! 🙂 I’ll look forward to seeing you either here or there soon – or in Mexico! xoxo

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