Who WAS that woman who hijacked my blog yesterday? Heck, hijacked my weekend? I might have a twin in Pensacola (hi Jolee!), but the last couple of days some foul creature here in St. Augustine took over my brain and my emotions. It’s strange to look back and ponder how I could have allowed my normal good humor to be stomped on so severely.

Rest assured that I have banished that creature to the far reaches of the universe, and hope that she stays there – well, forever. Life is too short to wallow in self-doubt and regret and all that nasty stuff.

I continue to be my own worst enemy, and harshest critic. My blog buddy Kelly pointed out that writers need to create stories, and if we’re not working on one on paper, we make them up in our brains. And I’m a fine example of just that. I’m way too good at imagining huge nasty scenarios that are never grounded in reality, and when I finally figure it out, I’m always embarrassed. And irritated with myself for blowing things WAAY out of proportion – not to mention missing the truth. I really need to remember this stuff… (Many thanks to Kelly for taking time from writing HIS stories to enlighten me on this strange writerly quirk.)

So I’m out of the dregs, back to my normal good-humored, good-natured, positive self. And hopefully wiser…I need to get back to writing, and when the demons start knocking on the door, I need to get out of the house. I guess life is a series of lessons – just when I think I’ve learned them all, another one pops up and demands my attention.

I’m spending the day preparing to leave for Key West tomorrow morning. I have a list a mile long, including some paying work (woo hoo!), errands, packing, chores, and last-minute loose-end-tying. A busy Beth is a happy Beth.

Anyway, I hope your day is filled with sunshine, friends, love, laughter, and power (for those of you in the NE)! I know mine is going to be –

(And Julie, I’ll work on that blog post when I get back from Key West! Thanks for the idea! :))

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5 Responses to Sybil?

  1. FARfetched says:

    You know, I’ve been thinking along the same lines as what Kelly said. You’re doing all this other stuff — seems like you’re doing everything except writing lately — and that’s not healthy. It’s like a cyclist doing everything except cycling.

    Definitely give yourself a few days a week to let those voices out of your head. In my experience, they get cranky when the portal’s closed for a while.

    • Beth says:

      You’re so right, Farf. Miss Crankypants, indeed. I’ll get back to it as soon as I return from my hedonistic week in the Keys – hopefully with lots of writing fodder!

  2. Richard says:

    Start with writing postcards from the road – then when all your friends get them, we can put dates on when they arrive and send them back to you so you can turn it into a book…..:-)

    A year in your life through postcards to your friends…….gee – that sounds kinda fun.

  3. Julie says:

    Have a fun trip, Beth! Looking forward to some new writing from you! 🙂

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