The simple things

I had a “woe is me” post written for today because I had a rough evening last night. Then I got a phone call, and my world turned around. Funny how it doesn’t take much to make the world a wonderful place.

So thank my late night caller for saving you from having to read yet another whiny post from a girl who thinks and feels too much, and wears her heart on her sleeve.

Color me happy!

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2 Responses to The simple things

  1. Brancy says:

    Ahhh, well that explains why the post I received in my email isn’t here! I was going to comment on it, but glad to hear a phone call changed everything. Since so many of your posts are cryptic, I find myself reading between the lines, but of course I could be “guessing” totally incorrectly but since you expound upon nearly every aspect of your life, save one, then again, I might be right! At any rate, I hope all goes wonderfully in Key West!

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