For some reason, the last couple of days I’ve experienced a huge upswing in folks reading the blog. I have no idea why, although I’m wondering if there was a link of some kind posted on WordPress. If you’re a new reader, welcome! Any chance you’d let us know how you found me? I’m always flattered when folks follow the blog, especially when they don’t know me and don’t really care about what I’m thinking or doing.

I hope you keep coming back, and give me pointers on how to help keep you stick around. It’s awful lonely when no one reads my babblings… Funny how I judge my own success based on how many folks read this blog every day. When 169 people check in, I feel like a success. When it’s closer to 50, I wonder what I can go to keep my readers coming back for more. I can only have a broken heart, and take road trips, so often…

Anyway, thanks for stopping! Let us know why you’re here, and if you’ll come back. me, I’ve been drinking wine with friends all evening, so am going to crawl into bed and start all over tomorrow. Hope you have a great evening, and come back soon – I might think of something more interesting to say!



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2 Responses to Upswing

  1. bajadock says:

    Beth, I’m certain that YOUR upswing is due to your talent and topics. In my case, I have noticed a peculiar spike of 100+ readers during one hour between midnight to 2am past 4 days. But, no post or page receives more than 10-20 readers total for the entire day. hmmmm.

    Guessing that there is a glitch in WP statistics OR they are pimping me like a bad dating sight that provides false positives to get my credit card to jump.

    Hope your new home is treating you well. cheers

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for your confidence in my popularity, Doc, but it’s prolly due to the glitch. Thanks for clearing that up! I can always pretend it’s my interesting writing, ha! And yes, new home is treating me very well – I’ll get out and see yours, one of these days!

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