False alarm

Or at least the thud has been softened to a dull thump. Sometimes my Pisces nature takes the ball and runs with it (like Devin Hester, for you Bears fans), without stopping and trying to see the bigger picture. What looked like a ten foot tall wall topped with razor wire on Friday turned into a small speed bump on Sunday. All it took was a little lesson in communication.

You’d think by now I’d have learned to think first, and react later. Or to step back and think of alternative explanations, rather than the one that seems to be smacking me in the face. This was yet another prime example. One simple conversation and the OMG awful thing turned into an, “Oh, that’s what you meant?”

Granted, the road has taken a slight turn. But it still forges ahead, and I’ll be forging along with it. One of these days, I’m going to actually REMEMBER one of these lessons I’m learning!

Or maybe not…

Thanks for your support and concern. It’s not worth going into details; just know that I’m much better, after a pretty rotten weekend. That didn’t need to happen, if I just asked some questions rather than jumping to conclusions.

You think I’d be super-skinny, with all of the calories I’m burning jumping to those conclusions!

I hope you had a good weekend. I’m spending a few days with my aunt in NC this week, but will check in as I can. Hoping to see some fall colors on the drive tomorrow!

Stay tuned…

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6 Responses to False alarm

  1. Terri O says:

    Tell Mom–Aunt Bobbie–hello from Terri

    We leave Nov 4 to see the Phoenix Cables

    Enjoy your trip

  2. LH says:

    Seems I have a whole boatload of friends just like you and I that do just this. Talked to one today about it! Maybe that is WHY we are friends? One saying goes something like: “Dont overthink! It will only cause a problem that was nonexistent before you started thinking!” Yea. Thats me in a nutshell. Just know, you have company!

    Love you,

    • Beth says:

      I know, right? My brain causes me more doggone problems! Can I have a brain-ectomy, please? Love you, LH! Let’s get together soon.

      • LH says:

        How much does a brain weigh? About 8 pounds? Ive put on a few, and do we REALLY need our stupid brains anyway? :\ Ill take a brain-ectomy as well!

        Emailed you!

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