So Friday, weather moved in. I, of course, was oblivious, since I don’t watch TV unless there’s a ball (or a puck) involved. And there aren’t a lot of weather updates on ESPN. So when I woke to stormy skies on Saturday, I was surprised. Until I checked the weather forecast and discovered that we had a huge storm predicted for the next few days. I figured they were exaggerating, as usual, and we’d see a passing shower or two.

Boy, was I wrong. The weather has been crazy for over 48 hours. Maybe even 72, I can’t remember. Wailing winds, torrential downpours, tumultuous gray skies. Flood watches. Beach erosion. High winds.

And it keeps getting worse. Tonight they’re predicting 50 mph winds, resulting in power outages. Luckily the temps are in the low 70’s, so I don’t need to run the air conditioning. Already tonight the lights have flickered once. I can hear the wind roaring outside – I had to close the windows because everything was blowing off the tables inside the condo. Not to mention the windows in the guest room/office howl when the wind blows, and the noise was drowning my football game.

The marsh outside my window is usually a sea of grass, with a few tiny rivulets of water trickling through it. This morning and again tonight (must have been during high tide), it looked like a lake out there. I have waterfront property!

Yesterday I drove out to Vilano Beach to check out the waves, and the seas were amazing. Intense, crashing, blowing, foaming, storming. The waves were producing sea foam that clung to the tire tracks on the beach, quivering like Jello in the wind. Then a gust would grab a handful of foam and send it tumbling across the beach. It was surreal. I spent almost 1/2 hour watching the foam tumbling and rolling and flying and trembling on the sand. It was VERY cool, and something I’d never seen before.

So we’ll see what happens tonight. I hope this continues for a few more days, but I’m afraid the beach will wash away completely if it does. I heard this afternoon that St. Augustine Beach already had a couple of feet of erosion, and that was before these nasty winds moved in. I’ll drive out tomorrow and check it out.

Hope you had a good weekend – I sure did! Football on MY couch on MY TV. All unpacking and nesting completed. And it looks like I might be getting a promotion of sorts at work. The only bad thing was no live music, as the weather wasn’t conductive to Jimmy and the boys playing outside. I guess there’s got to be a little disappointment in life!

Here’s to a great week ahead – enjoy fall, those of you in the parts of the country where leaves turn colors and the air gets nippy. Walk through a pumpkin patch and sip some hot cider for me!

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2 Responses to Nor’easter

  1. Brancy says:

    Did just that! Went to Greenbluff and had hot cider and to die for B’fast Bagels by the Greek guy and then listened to Bluegrass music. Love the Fall!

  2. Julie says:

    We no longer have TV, either. But, I do check these web sites for my beloved weather forecasts! 🙂

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