Almost done. There are a few empty boxes in the dining room to break down and store, and pictures to hang. And a thorough cleaning, now that I have cleaning supplies. And then – I’ll be done!

It’s a crazy pace, but I’d rather work flat out for 3.5 days than try to find things for weeks in stacks of boxes. Call me anal (it won’t be the first time!), but I just want the job to be done. I like sitting back and looking around at the fruits of my labor, seeing my new home all organized and pretty. And ready for company!

Most of my stuff arrived intact. A couple more scratches on the wood furniture, a wobbly chair. But all in all, a 100% improvement over the last move. And that one was by professionals! I believe my cousins should start a moving company – their motto would be, “We do it right.” Or, “We don’t break and lose sh**.” I’d use them, every time! (Another huge thanks to said cousins for simplifying my life this month.)

My hands are sore. My nails have all snapped off. My back is crying for the hot tub. I haven’t slept more than 4 hours/night in a week, so I’m very tired. But it’s a good tired. And I know once this is done, my over-ambitious brain will let me sleep.

Anyway, I need to remember how this feels so the next time my feet start itching, I simply close and lock the door and take a little trip, leaving my stuff as is, rather than picking up and hauling it to parts unknown. I know I’ll move again, but hopefully just to another home close by, and not across the freaking country.

But today, I’m just about done. By lunchtime I should be able to declare this job FINISHED, and move on to the next one. I have songs to write. Agents to query. Football to watch. There’s a Greek Festival downtown this weekend, so dinner will be spanakopita and gyros. And maybe even a piece of baklava – I think I’ve earned it. Tomorrow I get to watch football on MY couch, on MY TV, in MY house. (Well, except that I’m meeting Michael to watch his Saints – and hopefully my Broncos will be playing on a TV in close proximity – gotta love sports bars!) Then Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves Band are playing tomorrow afternoon at Billy’s Boathouse – it’s Flip Flop Sunday, dontchaknow? I hear a margarita calling me already…

I hope your week was as productive as mine was. And you did something that gives you an equally satisfying sense of accomplishment. We have a nor’easter blowing through, so I’m loving stormy skies, warm winds cascading through open windows (the windows in my office howl when the wind passes through them, so it’s an interesting addition to the sound of the rustling palm fronds), sudden downpours, rumbles of thunder, and the marsh outside my windows filling up. Life really can’t get a whole lot better.

Happy Saturday, y’all, from the tumultuous First Coast of Florida. Have a great weekend! I promise to take pictures as soon as the sun comes out again…

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