Just wanted to give you a heads-up: my worldly possessions arrive either tonight or tomorrow morning. So there won’t be much time for me to post the rest of the week, unless it’s a quick line to let you know I’m alive.

My amazingly wonderful cousin Chris has been driving cross-country from Phoenix since Saturday afternoon, after spending the morning with his equally wonderful wife and father-in-law loading a 26′ truck with everything I own. And apparently half of the Arizona desert – the dust storms this summer oozed into the storage shed and took up residence in my belongings. Looks like I’ll be leaving everything in the garage until I find the box with towels in it, to wipe everything down before it comes into the house.

Anyway, I’ve hired a couple of movers to come over tomorrow afternoon and carry the furniture and heavy stuff up the 2-3 flights of stairs into the condo. Chris and I will drink beers on the beach tomorrow night. I’ll take him to the airport Wednesday morning, so he can return to his regularly scheduled life. And I will begin unpacking – again. Hopefully one of the last times I do this – I am REALLY making a strong effort to not do this unrooting thing again. Moving across town is as far as I plan to move for a while. (Yes, I know, you’ve heard this before. Time will tell whether it really happens this time.)

I don’t mind unpacking at all – it’s satisfying to find new homes for everything, and make my home pretty and organized and comfortable. I’ve been basically homeless since the end of May, so am very anxious to get settled – to sit on my couch, work at my desk, make coffee in my coffee machine, watch football on my TV. Sleep in my own bed. A few more days, and it’ll happen. I can’t wait!

So send us thoughts of strong legs and arms to haul stuff upstairs, and I’ll be back with pictures of my newly organized condo this weekend. Have a great week!

And if you’re bored, come on over and I’ll give you a box to unpack!

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9 Responses to Nesting

  1. bajadock says:

    Have fun unpacking. I’m a good mover, but, my Orlando visit next week is full.
    Nice cousin you have!

  2. Brancy says:

    I have a history of always wanting what I don’t have and then wanting something else when I do, to the point of it causing me real problems. And I found the biggest issue for me was remembering why I wanted it so bad in the first place, so although reading what you wrote can bring a lot back, I suggest you video tape yourself or at least record your voice about how wonderful it is to be surrounded by your stuff and all the joys of having your own place again, so you can play it back down the road if you find your feet are getting itchy to put it all in storage again and roam the earth! Although I think as long as you are free to travel for a long weekend or a week here and there, you will be content to have home base be on the shore! Which reminds me of something I meant to ask you a long time ago, why did you choose Florida in the first place back when, instead of the West Coast, which you know is closer to NI, which by all accounts I believe is still your favorite place?

    • Beth says:

      That’s funny, Nancy, because that’s me in a nutshell. Thanks for the great idea to remind myself how I feel NOW, rather than thinking there’s something better around the next corner later. I chose FL originally because my folks lived here for years, and I own property down here. And housing is more affordable than the West Coast. Now I return because my Trop Rock friends are mostly in this part of the world, and there are more barefoot days than in CA! 🙂 And yes, CDA will always be my favorite place, but I can have lots of favorites, can’t I?

      • Brancy says:

        lol! You certainly can! My ex-fiancee, the biker friend I have known for a million years, always kids me about how often I say “favorite”. He says favorite means “the one” but I have a million favorite movies and such, so I guess it just means I love it to me!

  3. Terri Osborne says:

    That Chris is some fella! Big heart, and cute as a button too

    So glad he made it, safe and sound

    Chris’ Mom

    • Beth says:

      He is a stellar example of an awesome human being, Terri! I’m sure he’ll be happy to get on the plane tomorrow and be done with this project, but he and Nicole have earned my undying gratitude. Gotta love family – well, most of it!!! I’ll take good care of him for his girls! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by – I’m always flattered when folks read my babbling. Especially folks I haven’t seen in – well, a long time. :))

      • Terri Cable Osborne says:

        So glad everything went as well as it did!
        Chris and the gang called me when he landed last night!

        Enjoy your new home.

        We head out to AZ on the 4th of November, to celebrate Chris’ BD.

        Your blog has let me see some of my “old” inlaws!

        • Beth says:

          We had a great time, Terri. Enjoy your trip out West – sorry I won’t see you there! Come on down to FL and thaw out this winter!! And too funny that you’re getting to revisit old family through me – ha! Thanks for commenting – it’s nice to hear from you!! xoxo

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