Wise words

My dear friend Woody said something last night that I told him I was going to steal, because it is priceless.

We were talking about relationships, and I commented that you’d think I would have learned more about them by this age. To which he replied: “If relationships were easy, they’d be called football.”

Apparently he saw it on a T-shirt at a triathlon (replace “relationships” with “triathlons”), and decided that it could be used in any number of situations.

And boy is he right. Sort of reminds me of the saying “It’s called fishing, not catching.”

Okay, so they’re not the same. But they’re close!

So the next time you’re discussing something complicated, you have my permission to replace “relationships” with whatever that “something” is. And see how well it works!

If life was easy, it’d be called football. (See how well that works?)

(This from a rabid football fan!)

When (if?) I grow up, I want to be as wise as Woody. (He’s wise in a lot of other ways, not just this one.)

There’s your word game for the day. I’m off to listen to live music in Flagler Beach – why don’t you meet me there?!

Happy Weekend!

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