Rain, and the dawning of a new day

Thursday morning I woke in my new condo abode for the first time. Unfortunately, it was 3am. For some reason, the Insomnia Queen paid a visit and sleep eluded me. So I worked for a couple of hours, waiting for daybreak. Which comes late in Florida this time of year. But considering the length of the days won’t change that much come winter, as they will in the frozen north, I’m not complaining.

Anyway, at one point I heard a noise that wasn’t the air conditioning, and realized it was rain. And you know how much I love rain! So I stepped out onto my balcony and soaked in the sound and the smells of Ma Nature doing her thing, of the wonderful raindrops falling on the roof, kissing the leaves of the trees and the blades of grass, filling the air with the sweet scent of wet earth. I stuck my hand out far enough that I could touch the drops, and reveled in the joy of rain.

Then I looked up – and could see the moon and the stars, with Orion almost directly overhead. I have no clue where the rain was coming from, but that part of the sky was crystal clear. Orion has always been my favorite constellation, although it meant the approach of winter up north, which was depressing. Down here, it just means the days will finally cool off to a tolerable temperature. Which is NOT depressing at all!

Then a few hours later, I noticed that I can see the edges of dawn from the same balcony. My camera was downstairs, otherwise I would have snapped a shot to show you. I’ll try to remember tomorrow. But it was wonderful to sit inside my cozy condo and watch the sun creep over the horizon, painting the sky fuchsia and orange and purple. Since I haven’t found a place to catch sunsets around here, I’ll have to make a point to catch the sunrises instead.

Day One in my newly air conditioned home (I was here the last couple of days but the A/C was broken, so it wasn’t what you call pleasant in here, and I spent most of the day at Barnes and Noble). Of course it’s an empty home until my furniture arrives on the 4th, but it’s still closer to home than I’ve had in four months. Color me content.

Anyway, Day One of my life in St. Augustine. I have a lease through April/May, so we’ll see what happens after that. Hopefully I stay here and travel FROM a home base, rather than moving again. That’s my plan, anyway. Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to Rain, and the dawning of a new day

  1. Brancy says:

    Wishing you good fortune and the best of luck, although some say you create your own anyway and if that is so then I know all will be good and well as you have a tendency to find the sliver lining and land on your feet regardless of the situation!

  2. Julie says:

    Sounds very nice, Beth! Waking up early to catch sunrises will be nice. Yes, a home base is very good. You know, one of my favorite TV travelers, Samantha Brown (what a job she has!), once showed us her New York City base. It was a tiny apartment in one of those multi-leveled buildings. But, it was most suitable for an international traveler. I think Samantha has gotten married since then, so I will hazard a guess that she has a larger base, now! 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth,
    I’m just catching up on your blog!! So much change this past week! It sounds like your place is perfect for you (a garage!!! what a bonus!)
    And you use the word “cozy”…. one of the best adjectives for a home. And I have to say, watching a sunrise over a marsh sipping a cup of coffee rivals that of sunset viewing with a glass of wine.
    Speaking of sunsets, Matanzas Inlet (northside) is a great sunset place. There’s a boardwalk out to the intracoastal and the small fort there is always a great visual as the sun’s going down.

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