Some weeks are diamonds

So life has taken an unexpected, but very welcome, upswing in the last week. A couple of weeks ago I was homeless, work-less, worried about money and where to live and how to get my stuff from AZ to FL, depressed and kind of lost and sad and lonely.

Then overnight, it seems, things turned around.

1. Work showed up again, in force. Why there wasn’t any for two months, no one can say – or IS saying. All I know is there’s plenty now! And I’ve applied to a couple other transcription companies, and they’re both interested in having me work for them, so hopefully no more long droughts work-wise.

2. I found a place to live. Although I was hoping for a cool funky beachy place, I didn’t find one of those that met my needs. I DID find a very nice, big, two bedroom condo in a classy complex on the edge of town. My condo faces the marsh (St Augustine is kind of sandwiched between the ocean and a bunch of marshy places), I have a GARAGE (unheard of in most complexes in FL), two bedrooms, and the complex has a pool with hammocks, a hot tub, exercise room, and car washing facilities. I hear there’s a nature trail, but so far haven’t had the chance to explore. Maybe when it’s no 90+ degrees out… Anyway, it’s really nice, and my stuff will fit nicely in it, and my landlord is a sweetheart. So it’s all good.

3. I’ve been hanging out with new musician friends, which has been a blast. You know my favorite pastime is listening to my friends play music, so I’ve been in hog heaven every weekend thanks to Jimmy, Dusty, Richard and Barry.

4. I’ve also written a couple of songs recently for musician friends – they think I rock, and I love the chance to be creative!

5. My wonderful cousins Chris and Nicole from Phoenix have volunteered to drive my stuff from AZ to FL in a couple of weeks (well, Chris is driving and Nicole is staying home with the kids). I don’t have to worry about anything getting lost or broken, like the last nightmare move. And it’ll cost less than professional movers. And he’s thrilled to be getting paid to drive cross country (I thought he was nuts until I remembered I do that regularly). So that’s a HUGE load off my mind!

6. AND I’ve been querying my latest book, and have had some interest from agents. But it could be weeks before I hear anything from them and there’s always a good chance that they won’t be interested, so I’m not holding my breath. But I AM doing a happy dance!

7. AND I’m pouring wine for my friends Michael and Kathryn at their weekly Wine Down Friday wine tasting, which is a blast. Also meeting nice people there, and drinking good wine.

So suddenly life is very very good (although it was prolly good before, and I was just being too critical). I barely have time to think. I DID take the weekend off and visit my friends Beth and Scott on the Dark Side of the State, which was great. We sat around the pool and drank buttery chardonnay and caught up. I slept a lot (I worked so many hours last week I didn’t do much sleeping), and generally relaxed and recouped. Now I’m back, and keeping busy.

I’m still hoping to write some songs for myself – anyone have a guitar for sale? I have a condo to clean, still trying to put together books from my old blog entries, friends to see, live music to listen to. Somewhere in there I need to get to the beach, suntan by the pool, check out the hot tub, wash my car (it’s love-bug season, and my white car looks polka-dotted with bug carcasses), and handle the myriad of details involved in moving (forward mail, change addresses, start utility services, change insurance, etc etc etc). And in two weeks, start unpacking…oh yeah, AND work!

But my mood is a ton better. I’m feeling at home in St. Augustine. Enjoying my friends and my time here. Looking forward to Key West in November, Mexico/CA/NH in December, and my sis and her hubby coming to visit in February!

But there’s plenty of room for anyone who needs a quick getaway to the Ancient City. I promise long walks on the beach, hot tubbing, and white wine by the pool! Oh, and personalized tours. πŸ™‚

Hopefully I’ll find time to post again soon, but as you can see things are a little crazy right now. I need a river trip to unwind! Or maybe just a few more hours listening to music…

Thanks for stopping! Come back again soon! And happy fall!

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8 Responses to Some weeks are diamonds

  1. Terri Cable Osborne says:

    You certainly do have wonderful cousins, in Phoenix.
    One of them I gave birth to–and raised!
    I am so very proud of him and his beautiful family.

    Glad you seem to have a wonderful life!
    All the Best

    • Beth says:

      As well you should be, Terri. He’s turned out to be an amazing man. AND his amazing family!! I miss them so much. And some days, life indeed does seem wonderful. Thanks for stopping! Come visit Florida! xoxo

  2. Julie says:

    Wonderful to see everything coming together, Beth! A condo is a great type of home to have for a traveler! You can lock it up and not care about maintenance when you are off on trips! Glad to hear you are happily settling in. πŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad things are in better perspective. Looking up that is. You sound a lot happier. This is good!!!!

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