My kingdom for a home

I’m in the midst of Housing Hell. Trying to find a place to live in St. Augustine – and I’m way too picky. (Why can’t I write a blog post about how wonderful I am, instead of picking myself apart? Methinks I’m a wee bit too critical.) I’ve been searching the listings for a couple of weeks now and when I DO find something that I like, there’s either something wrong with it in the end, or I wait too long and it’s taken.

I hate making decisions. Obviously I make them every day, like what to have for breakfast, what to wear, and how to spend my day. But those are little, easy decisions. The big ones are a lot tougher. (I feel another blog post coming on.) As you’ve witnessed, selecting a place to live is one of the hardest. Hence my continual moving from point A to B to C to Q to….wherever.

Now that I apparently have decided to a place to settle for the winter (I guess I’ve decided to stay here, since I haven’t gotten a better offer!), I’m struggling with finding a place to call home for at least the next 6-7 months. Each apartment/condo/house I find has a drawback. Too expensive, no laundry, too old (so might have bug issues), too far away, too small. I’ve already eliminated some of my requirements (near the beach, pool, exercise room), and increased the amount I think I can afford, yet I’m still sitting at September 10 with no place to call home.

As always, Pollyanna is optimistic. The perfect place WILL appear. Or at least a place I can live with. I just want it to happen NOW, so I can stop searching – and start figuring out how in the heck to get my stuff from Phoenix to Florida. I swear I’m going to sell everything!

Each time I go through this, I wish I had an RV. Then all I would have to do is pull it into a park and be done – no house-hunting, no reestablishing utilities, paying deposits, moving furniture. (Yes, I could STOP MOVING, and that would avoid those issues. I’m working on it. I promise.) But I know that would come with its own set of issues.

Anyway, this weekend I’ll be scouring craigslist, the classified ads, and various property management websites. Making some phone calls. Driving past some rentals to look at the outsides. Hopefully looking at some insides. And if I’m lucky, making a decision and going on to Plan B, Getting My Stuff From There To Here. (Finding a home is easy compared to THAT!)

I’ll be really glad when this is over. And hopefully I won’t be doing this again for a very long time. Moving has turned from an adventure into a chore – which is probably a good thing, because it will make me think twice (heck, 15 times) before I do it again. Ideally I’ll have a home base that I can travel FROM – something I’ve talked about for over 25 years.

You’d think I’d learn. For a reasonably intelligent person, I’m a little slow. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. I know I’ll be listening to live music tomorrow, and maybe later this evening. There’s an arts market I might check out, unless I’m apartment-viewing. I need to keep working on my blog books. I’m feeling the urge to write a song. And hopefully one of the channels on the TV in my current abode carries college football!

I wish you a productive, relaxing, joyous Saturday. And if you know of any two-bedroom rentals in St. Augustine, let me know!

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10 Responses to My kingdom for a home

  1. Richard says:

    Oh Oh – you tried to slip it by us……but you know how eagle eyed your readers are…….

    (I guess I’ve decided to stay here, since I haven’t gotten a better offer!)………..

    Perhaps folks like us confuse ‘acceptance’ with “settling” – which may make settling in a place (or in any thing else one might insert there) seem impossible. Seeing things (and people and ourselves) for what they/we are begins acceptance – which makes settling without settling easier……

    Then again – I could just be a 6 foot tall Pooka and listening to me would make the rest of the world think you were pixellated.

    • Beth says:

      The rest of the world probably thinks I’m pixellated already, regardless of your stature. 🙂 And yes, that is one of my issues, accepting anything as “good enough.” Where’s that “Lobotomies R Us” shop when you need it??

      I’ll work on that seeing/acceptance thing….thanks, RB.

  2. Richard says:

    No need to work so hard…….let it come to you.

    I have found that the less I looked – the more showed up.

    Just a thought.

  3. Brancy says:

    Sounds familiar, went through that twice in three months due to circumstances t0o long to relate and I had a cat to boot, a big hurdle! And the first place had to be furnished, since it was only for three months and my stuff was in storage. I found after much searching an ideal older home in walking distance of Sherman, my haven, (even since the world discovered it) that was suppose to be for vacationers, but it was off season so I lucked out. The second one really was exactly what I was looking for, but all the way in Rathdrum so it could be affordable, again after looking at probably 50 places, so no, you aren’t too picky, you just know what you want and what will make you happy and that’s important. Before I found out my daughter and company were going to be moving in with me indefinitely and decided to buy a house versus renting one big enough for all of us, I had finally decided to rent just a room to save money for my retirement. A big one, with a private entrance and bath of course and a small patio area or what not. The reason being is that although I can’t travel around as much as you do (said with an obvious envious tone) I am still rarely home.

    I prefer playing with my laptop in a coffee house or tavern, going to movies, taking classes or such in the “indoor season” and I will be out and about either walking or driving around God’s country during the “outdoor season” either going to one of our millions of activities during the summer, or in search of an amazing shot or just a woodsy spot by a lake or river or stream, as long as it’s water and not a drainage ditch, I am happy, to plop my sling chair on and do a bit reading or writing. I even carry a small folding table in the car!

    It would have been the perfect life for me. Bug now that I own a home, I need to come home far more often to take care of it…the yard, the cleaning, the decorating…blah, blah, blah…and mostly the gigantic thought it’s insane to spend this kind of money on a dwelling and NOT be here! So that’s why I created a “library/tea room” in the dining room and continue to try and make my place somewhere where I want to go, but nothing changes the fact I love NOT being home and being out and about where there are people, even if I am not speaking with them directly. It alos probably keeps me from feeling so lonely since Jeff died.

    So, if this idea appeals to you at all, perhaps you can find a situation where you don’t have to move your furniture or make any big commitment until your are 1000% sure this is where you want to be and what you want to do. There might even be a caretaker position open for a big place that is on the market and they don’t want it burglarized or something to that effect and you would probably get the place rent free with maybe a few bucks to boot!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Nancy! I’m home a lot, and need my own stuff around me. It’s the only roots I have. There are lots of options for furnished places and housesitting, but I perch on life enough. Having my own space gives me a little stability. But thanks for the thoughts!

  4. LH says:

    Why don’t u buy a small rv and pay payments as if you were paying someone else rent? What would b the diff, and you would eventually own it? Just a thought.

    • Beth says:

      I’ve been thinking of that, LH – doesn’t solve the problem of what to do with all of my stuff. But it sure would be a solution! It’s on my mind….thanks!

  5. bajadock says:

    Sending luck your way. My luck account is overflowing. Cheers.

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