Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves

Another weekend, more live music! I’m the happiest when I’m sitting back watching my friends play. And this weekend I happily spent a couple of evenings listening to the Right Coast’s Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves Band.

They were playing at Hurricane Patty’s, a bar I unsuccessfully tried to find the last time I lived here. It’s so tucked away, it’s apparently a well-kept locals’ secret (which is fine with me!). I was smart, and drove around looking for it Thursday afternoon so I wouldn’t be searching in the dark. And, truth be told, I was scoping it out to see if it was the kind of place I could walk into alone.

Well, I found it, and then I found the nerve to walk in on Friday evening. And am so glad I did. I met the rest of the band, and spent the a couple of hours enjoying their music and chatting with them during the breaks. They’re fun guys and talented musicians – I look forward to hearing more of their music this winter! It’s times like this that bring me back to Florida again and again…

Just in case you can’t make your way down to this part of the world (or wherever they’re playing in the country), here’s a sample of their music.

And this one’s for Dusty…

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