Hurricane Irene, Florida-style

St Augustine Beach, before Irene

Well, Irene stopped by for a quick visit this morning. Granted, she might return later this afternoon. But right now the skies are clearing, the breeze is brisk, and it’s not raining.

The beach on Thursday afternoon

That’s a change from a couple of hours ago, when a gust of 52 mph was recorded at Jacksonville Beach, just a few miles north of here. We dashed down to the beach around 8am to check out the surf, since it was pretty close to high tide. We weren’t the only ones braving the wind and rain; there were a number of hardy fools taking pictures, oohing and aahing at the waves crashing into the pier, onto the rocks, and against the seawall – and two surfers who apparently are unconcerned about warnings such as red flags and “dangerous rip currents.”

Taken Wednesday, under the pier

It sounds like Irene will wreak far more havoc in the Northeast, where my sister says they’re predicting 4-8″ of rain on Sunday. They told us 1-3″ here, but since I don’t have a rain gauge I’ll have to trust whatever the weatherguessers say we actually receive. But as far as Florida’s Hurricane Irene experience, it’s kind of a fizzle.

I did enjoy sitting on the porch this morning watching the storm rage. I kept scooting my chair closer to the house, away from the weather, as the rain and wind intensified. Waves of rain blew across the front yard, the palm trees danced crazily, and the dogs glared at us as if it were our fault. You can imagine, I was in heaven!

The pier on Thursday, as Irene approached

Anyway, the radar says we might get another band after lunch. Of course I’ll be hoping for that to happen, being the storm-lover that I am. I have friends in Ocean City who are closing their restaurant for the weekend. My sis and her hubby are heading up to the lake to batten down the hatches on their camp. And I’m sure a lot of Northeasterners are watching The Weather Channel and stocking up on milk, bread and toilet paper.

The same pier on Friday

I hope you’re not in the path of the storm. If you are, I hope you’re safe, and it’s as much of a non-event there as it has been here. We still have 3+ months of hurricane season left, so this might not be our last storm of the season. Hopefully it’ll be your last!

Be safe, enjoy watching Ma Nature do her thing, and I’ll see you on the other side of The Weekend Of Irene.

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2 Responses to Hurricane Irene, Florida-style

  1. beth42 says:

    Hi Beth, wonderful photos. I can almost feel the wind and hear the roar of the surf. Keep safe. Nice to have you back on the east coast again. BTW… I wonder why when you reached Florida the first hurricane of the year arrived? LOL

    • Beth says:

      Ha! It’s not the first time hurricanes have followed me to FL, Beth Ann. One year I finally headed north because 3 different storms followed me down here. Then Jeanne followed me up the coast – I stopped traveling for a while after that! 🙂 Ssssh – don’t tell Florida, or they’ll kick me out! Nice to hear from you – hope you’re well. Have a great weekend! xoxo

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