Weekend Roundup

It is really Monday already? The days just fly by. They say time flies when you’re having fun. My friend Fred used to say (and might still) that time flies whether you’re having fun or not. (Wise man, that Fred.)

This weekend flew, because I had a blast. It started Friday evening at Friday Wine Down at Tim’s Wine Market. I’ve become the Wine Wench for the owners, Michael and Kathryn, which means I pour wine for customers during their weekly wine tasting event from 5-7pm on Fridays. Whenever I’m in town I go to Wine Down – it’s my favorite time of the week. So this way I can attend AND be useful. Then I dashed up to Jax Beach to see Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves perform at a waterfront bar – I believe I’ve mentioned that they’re our lone Trop Rockers in this part of the world, so I intend to see them as often as I can.

Saturday I quickly browsed through the Oldest City Farmer’s Market before heading north to Ponte Vedra to have lunch with my friends Ed and Lynn. We had lunch at the club, on the deck overlooking the ocean, and it was appropriately wonderful. As was my watermelon salad! I’ll be cat-sitting for them for a few weeks in September, so I might just have to go back to that deck and have an adult beverage or two!

Then my wine-store friends invited me to join them at a community theater production at a local theater I didn’t know existed. It was tiny and intimate, and the actors were talented, and the story was fun. We even were allowed to bring a glass of wine into the theater – too bad we had to buy theirs instead of bringing out own. But it was still a wonderful evening.

Kelly McGuire at The Oasis

Sunday I got up at Dawn’s Crack and drove across the state to Tampa, where Phil was attending a conference. We had a leisurely breakfast and caught up for a couple of hours, which was really fun. Then I drove back halfway across the state to attend a Kelly McGuire concert at The Oasis, a relatively new concert spot in the backyard of Ken and Laurie. I wished I’d brought my bathing suit, since it was a blazing hot day and most people watched Kelly perform from the pool. Next time… Anyway, it was a wonderful afternoon with great music, nice people, and the chance to catch up with one of my Trop Rock friends. And hard to leave! But I had dogs waiting for me to walk and feed them, so I obeyed my conscience and headed home to two very happy pups.

It was a jam-packed weekend, full of fun and friends. More adventures await down the road, but right now I’m pet-sitting and trying to figure out my work situation. My online job seems to have dried up, so I’m having to examine other options. Which wasn’t on my radar, so it’s a little disconcerting and a lot worrisome. Hard to find a place to live when you have no income! Hopefully that situation will be resolved soon.

Hurricane Irene is stewing off the coast, so our radar is up here on the Right Coast of Florida as we watch and wait. I might get more of my precious rain than I bargained for, later this week.

Stay tuned to see if Irene comes to visit, if my job reappears, and if I finally commit to where I’m going to spend the winter! It’s anyone’s guess right now…

(Thanks to Larry for the picture!)

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