St Auggie

So I’m back in St. Augustine, after almost a year away. Well, truth be told, it’s been three years; I lived here for seven months in 2009, then bought my house on the other side of the state (we like to call it the Dark Side) in July 2009. But I returned every month to visit my friends, who chastised me for not giving StA enough of a chance. And they were right; once I bought the house, I met folks here and made good friends and realized how much I liked it.

So I’m back. I can’t promise how long I’m back for, but I’m giving it my best shot. I’m dog-sitting for above-mentioned friends for a week (they have two Labradors, a black and a yellow), and then cat-sitting for my former landlords for three weeks, so that gives me plenty of time to decide if this is truly where I want to spend the winter.

It’s a peaceful existence, just me and the dogs. We walk three times a day around the neighborhood, hang out on the front porch or by the pool out back, play a little, love a lot. They’ve never been away from their parents before, so they spend a lot of time sleeping – and starting when they hear a car door slam. I’ve known them for about three years, so I’m familiar, but no one can replace their Mom and Dad. So I’m just acting as a bookmark until they return from their jaunt back to my homeland, the Pacific NW.

I still don’t have any work, so am filling my time writing songs, answering email, house-hunting, and job-hunting. Oh, and watching football, of course! It’s nice to have the time to sit around and do nothing – to nap, or sunbathe, or shop, or daydream. I don’t do much of that normally, but this is enforced idleness (well, I guess I could do laundry or mop the floors or something, but I’ll wait until the day they get back before I do that!). It’s not my home, so there’s not much I can do. And having time to nap isn’t the worst thing in the world! (However, not making any money is.)

Anyway, I’m trying to ease back into life here in the Oldest City. But I spend a lot of time in the house with the dogs, keeping them company. (I feel guilty leaving them alone.) I’ll have plenty of time to walk the streets of the Old City, browse the outlet malls, visit old friends and make new ones once Mom and Dad return to take back their dogs.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying having dog energy around again. They’re getting me out on walks, so that’s great exercise. And I’m reminded how much work it is to own one, and wondering if I really want to take on that responsibility again.

But for now, we’re hanging out and relaxing, enjoying summer storms, taking long walks late at night, and just being. I have a little too much time to think, and hence to worry, but hopefully work will pick up and I can stop the worrying part. Or I’ll find another job, with the same result.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be going to a concert to hear one of my friends play my favorite songs, a play with other friends, the weekly farmers market, and maybe a wine tasting. Sunbathing. Floating in the pool. Walking on the beach. And somewhere in there dog-feeding, dog-walking, and dog-cuddling. Life is good!

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2 Responses to St Auggie

  1. Brancy says:

    I so know what you mean about dog sitting. Brian and Tara have an adorable miniture American Huskey that I took care of for 10 days and it was right up there with watching somebody’s kid but in some ways worse because you can’t say when you leave that you will be right back, all they know is that you are leaving and since Tara and Brian work at home, she hasn’t been left much. I would come home from work everyday to take her out for a potty break and play catch and then right home after work for the same routine, then a long walk at the park or lake and so it goes. Having a dog totally curtailed my normal drive about activities on the weekends and by the end I knew I’d never have another dog. Cats are so more my style. Very independent, no guilt when you leave and still a warm body to cuddle for about 5 minutes (my cat anyway) and then their off on their adventures and I on mine.

    • Beth says:

      I don’t know that I’ll never own another dog, but right now it sure doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. Especially when I can borrow great dogs like these! We’ll see how I feel about owning cats after my next pet-sitting stint… 🙂

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