Final push

In Virginia tonight, on the last leg of my convoluted cross-country trek. I’ll be in NC this weekend, and Florida on Monday. And then I SWEAR I’m not going anywhere for a while! Well, until I have to go to AZ to get my furniture – but I’m playing Scarlett and just not thinking about that right now.

So I’m watching football, writing a song, drinking margaritas, working, and enjoying not driving. 10 hours today was plenty – I can’t believe I almost decided to drive 14 hours today. But my wise sister talked me out of it. (Thanks, Deb!)

I’ll catch you up on my visit to my fam, and the trek south. But now I’m tired, and trying to do too many things at once, so I’ll sign off and get back to reviewing, writing, drinking, and watching. Hope you have a great Friday evening, and a stellar weekend ahead! Don’t forget to check the night skies for the Perseid meteor shower – I think it’s stil going on tonight. I’m in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, so I’m hoping to see something later, once it gets dark….


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2 Responses to Final push

  1. FARfetched says:

    Wave as you go by, OK?

  2. Beth says:

    I will, Farf! Sorry I can’t stop – this has been a whirlwind trip. Glad you had a good vaca! Thanks for stopping. 🙂

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