Made it

Safe in Fayette, MO. Spending the weekend here with friends. Gorgeous little town with quaint houses full of character – I could SO live here…if it wasn’t for the snow…

Drove 5 hours through sprinkles this morning (yay for rain!), then hung out with dear friends Kent and Becki on their back patio and listened to the rain pounding on the tin roof, before hopping in the car and touring the antique stores of Rochepont (another very quaint, very cute town on the muddy, swollen, swirling Missouri River) and wine-tasting at Les Bourgeois Vineyards. There was an outdoor wedding at the vineyard, on the bluff overlooking the river – but it was in the high 80’s with 90+% humidity. Whoever thought an outdoor wedding in late July in Missouri was a good idea? And today was a COOL day!

We hiked the Katy Trail along the river – a trail that apparently goes from MO to TX on the old rail bed. I could see riding my bike along the river under the leafy branches of the trees that line the trail – as long as someone gave me a ride back…

Then it was dinner at Emmet’s in Fayette, a great little local restaurant with outstanding food and atmosphere. I could see myself hanging out there, too.

Ended the evening watching baseball, Dazed and Confused (my high school was SO not like that), and the X games (gotta love Shaun White). Tomorrow we plan to hang out and drink wine (not a lot for me, since I’m still recovering from Walla Walla) and chat and relax and visit, and watch the grass grow and listen to the cicadas sing – sounds perfect to me!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll add a couple of pictures – I’m just too lazy to do it tonight. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday – I plan to!

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2 Responses to Made it

  1. Julie says:

    The Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad line (MKT, or shortened to KT, hence the name “Katy”) ran right by my childhood neighborhood… and, back then, the trains still rumbled slowly by on their way to and from Houston, through the town of Katy, Texas (which is now an ex-urb of Houston, with mega-malls and houses obliterating the rice fields that were once the mainstay of the area.) You could even see the odd Amtrak passenger train go by in the 1980’s, though I am sure it used to have many more passenger trains before WWII. Much to my dismay, in the 2000’s, what to me was an obvious corridor for commuter rail development out to the heavily populated exurbs of western Houston, the defunct railroad bed was concreted over in a typical Houston-esque quest for expanded freeway space for more cars. 😦 The “Katy Freeway” I-10 West is so wide now, that it looks like an elevated runway for giant planes when I drive under it!

    Well, I’m happy that you enjoyed visiting the charming towns this weekend. It is very special to be able to stop and see slices of America that most never know about. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      How cool that you have that experience, Julie! And how sad that it’s gone – but at least the railbed is being put to good use. I have a friend who lives in Katy, so I know what you mean. It IS fun to discover out-of-the-way spots! But even cooler to hear the stories behind them…thanks!

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