One down

(Boy, I AM schedule-challenged. I posted two entries yesterday. Sigh. I need a vacation. Or a brain.)

Made it to Buffalo, WY at 10:30pm mountain time last night (I got a late start due to a doctor’s appointment in the morning). I haven’t driven at night in a while, and not at all with my new vision scheme (one contact for distance), and it was hard to see. Note to self: Don’t drive at night again on this trip. Or try wearing two contacts.

Anyway, there was no traffic. I saw one deer as I came into Buffalo (population 4000-ish), standing by the side of the road, considering crossing. Lots of gorgeous scenery, from the evergreen-clad mountains of Idaho and Western Montana to the rolling plains of Eastern Montana and Wyoming. I passed towns I’ve considered living in, towns I love, familiar mountain ranges, signs pointing to places I’d like to go – but I don’t have time.

Today I’ll be near Colorado, where I have lots of friends, and could easily spend a week. But I’m on a mission, so I can’t stop this year. I have 11 hours to drive, and want to get to KS before dark (see above note).

Yesterday morning I said another sad goodbye, to Ali and her family. They were gracious hosts, and made my time in Coeur d’Alene very comfortable. It was wonderful to have such a wonderfully happy home to crash in for a few weeks. I’ll see them again in Florida this winter, so we said “see you later” instead of “goodbye.”

Anyway, one long day down. One longer day ahead. I’ll check in tomorrow, so you know I made it safely. And you’re still welcome to text or call me during the day, and help me pass the time! (Thankfully I have SIRIUS Radio on my phone, so was able to listen to ESPN Radio all day yesterday – well, when I had a cell signal.)

Enjoy your Friday – you know where I’ll be!

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