Walla Walla Wine Tasting

So now that Oprah is officially put to bed, I’m hoping to have time to catch up on the rest of my life. And my first task is to share the tale of our trip to Walla Walla a couple of weeks ago, where Ali and I introduced Amy to the joys of wine tasting.

We headed southwest early on a Thursday, stopping for lattes to fuel us on the 3.5 hour drive. Which, unfortunately, took a wee bit longer. I’ve heard tell of places that have three seasons: winter, mud, and construction. Well, we experienced the third. It seemed that every few miles we were stopped by neon-clad flagpeople, giving us ample chance to watch the wind weaving gently through the amber waves of grain outside our window as we waited for the pilot car to return and guide us through yet another construction zone. Only to drive a few miles more – and then another orange sign.

So we rolled into Walla Walla 1/2 hour later than we had planned and after checking into our hotel, headed to our first winery. Amy knows wine but hasn’t indulged in a wine tasting, whereas Ali and I are seasoned pros. So we picked a wide variety of wineries and spent the afternoon bouncing from vineyard to tasting room to winery, sampling reds and whites and ports. We met great people, learned a lot about the wines, and saw beautiful sights. And learned how to navigate those cursed roundabouts while singing “Electric Avenue” (we kept passing a street named Electric something, and somehow it just seemed fitting).

The Palouse

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I forgot that lots of little sips result in full glasses, and by dinnertime I was fast asleep in the hotel room while Ali and Amy explored Walla Walla. But we still had a great time. (Thanks again to A&A for finding “The Princess Bride” for me to watch!)

Walla Walla has grown considerably since my first visit there. We met folks who have retired there, folks who are studying and working there, and they all love it. The increase in the wine business seems to have brought in good restaurants and stores. I look forward to spending more time there in the future.

A log cabin tasting room - I could live here!

It was a fun trip. The drive through the Palouse was stunning, in spite of the construction. The wine was delicious. The wineries beautiful. In my next life, I want to be a winemaker. Or at least work in a winery! I just have to remember the sips = glasses rule.

There’s nothing like spending a day with girlfriends. I will sorely miss Ali and Amy when I leave next week. But hopefully they’ll visit me in FL – or whenever I end up this winter! And if the stars align, I’ll be back here next summer.

The next time you pass a winery, stop in for a taste and increase your wine knowledge – and raise a glass to absent friends!

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One Response to Walla Walla Wine Tasting

  1. Brancy says:

    Walla Walla! I love that town, I think I could live there! Jeff and I went there for the balloon fest one year and of course it rained and the balloons never got out of their trailors but we enjoyed the town and the area so much we didn’t care! Glad you got to see the Palouse this summer, usually it’s drying out by now, but this year it’s still a beautiful patchwork quilt of gold and greens, fields and trees, a true vision of Americana! And that sounded like a perfect trip, Amy and Ali are so fun!

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