Better and better….

Just wanted to let you know that Day One of Beth’s Excellent Adventure: A Balanced Life turned out quite well! I had drinks with friends (club soda – I’m still recovering from wine tasting last week, but that’s another blog post), walked along the lake with Amy, chatted with my sister, made flight reservations for Christmas, and still made decent money at work. Maybe there’s hope for me yet!

Tomorrow morning I’m hiking Tubbs Hill with my other Amy, then lunch with friends. Hopefully work on getting satellite radio in the new Solara, because the drive cross-country will be grueling without Mike and Mike, and Radio Margaritaville. Make a couple of medical appointments (nothing like waiting until the last minute). And oh yes, work.

Maybe Wednesday I’ll even make time to read, or write (awestruck face). We’ll see…

Looks like I missed another dust storm in Phoenix. Why do I always miss the interesting weather? (Remind me of that when I’m dodging hurricanes in FL this fall!)

And now, off to bed. Night all!

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4 Responses to Better and better….

  1. Glad to hear that you’re getting back to a place where you’re on top of things instead of underneath them. Hopefully the writing will follow on soon.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Kelly! You’re the best example of balance that I know. Hopefully I’ll get my priorities right-side up again soon. Thanks for stopping!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Chris took some video of the dust storm on his way home last night (real safe!) right around the 51 and Northern! None of the mountains there were even visible and you could barely see one light pole ahead of you. So weird! He was trying to upload to FB – not sure if he ever got it there or not though. Stop working so hard!!! Enjoy the rest of your time up north! xoxxox

  3. FARfetched says:

    I saw some footage of that dust storm. I think I’d rather stay well away from that kind of thing.

    As for the writing, remember what Nicola talked about: set your daily writing goal to 50 words, and you’ll not despair about missing it. I aim for 100 (or one page in my pocket Moleskine, which is about 110-120 words) but if you’re a writer you need to write… at least a little!

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