Megan Burtt – Packed My Things

These are the lyrics to my favorite song from Megan Burtt, an amazing singer/songwriter I’m proud to call my friend. If you live in the Denver area, catch one of her shows – and tell her I sent you! But in the meantime, you can watch her here:

Unfortunately, I can’t find a recording of this song online. But the lyrics are very appropriate. So I’m posting them anyway.


Packed My Things – Megan Burtt

I’m a daughter of the Plains, the mountains once my home
I’m a portrait of my mother, 30 years ago
My father is a sailor, he taught me all he knows
But I could not stay forever, so I packed my bags to go.

I found myself in Nashville, singing songs for free
And fell hard for a country boy I met at 23
He called me by my middle name and loved my every bone
And asked me to stay forever, so I packed my love to go.

Tried my hand at Jesus, gave Sundays to the Lord
I listened with an open ear, but left weary and unsure
Because heaven’s only got a place for folks who really know
That this life ain’t forever, so I packed my soul to go.

For now I’ll keep on wandering for something I can hold
A man that I can love, or a place to call my own
A cottage on some distant lake, a man with one eye green, one gray
A phrase, a book, a sign of grace, tell me if you find a place that I might feel at home
And that I can stay forever, and I’ll pack my things and go.

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One Response to Megan Burtt – Packed My Things

  1. ron says:

    Interesting song. Telling and tragic her decsiption of the choice she has made are ones only to attempt self satisfaction. Her present wanderings have left out her seeking God for herself. And I think it was the Savior that said he was going to prepare a place for us- and her to stay forever . But I don’t think seeking it in a man/woman, a book, cottage, etc will enlighten her or us. Maybe she’ll try listening to God again, both ears, 🙂 and write that in another verse as to what she learned /webcast heard.

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