Different place, same routine

So now that I’m off the road and stopped in one place, my Phoenix routine has reestablished itself. I’m working from dawn to bedtime again. I have taken a couple of breaks to meet friends for drinks and coffee, but otherwise I’ve been working.

Tomorrow I really need to get some overdue tasks accomplished…and THEN I’ll get back to work. I’ve seen an edge of the lake, and a blink of Coeur d’Alene. Ditto Post Falls. Ditto my friends. Hopefully tomorrow will be a wee bit less insane…

The weather turned from wet and cold to warm and dry overnight, as I predicted. I’m the opposite of the Rainmaker – pay me to come to your town, and the rain will magically disappear. 70’s and sunny today – it looked nice, from the library window. Drinks tomorrow afternoon with friends at a bar with an outside seating area, so hopefully I’ll get to spend some time breathing fresh air.

Anyway, no stories to tell, because I’ve been (all together now) working. Ironman is this weekend, so I know where I’ll be on Sunday. My volunteer responsibilities are on Friday afternoon, so I’ll have all day Sunday to watch the various portions of the race. One of my favorite events in CDA, second only to Art on the Green weekend.

At least I’m in a familiar place, with friends close by. I just need to let them know I’m here, and find time to see them. The weather is gorgeous, the landscape is gorgeous, and I feel as “home” as I feel anywhere. I just need to find time to do some of my favorite things, and then I’ll truly feel “back.”

In the meantime, I’m off to bed. Because I have to get up early tomorrow and (you know the routine) work. Oh yes, and run errands – if I can drag myself away from the laptop.

I think maybe it’s not so much a problem of too much work, but of my not wanting to miss out on what work there is…

Anyway, happy longest day of the year! I came home at 9:30p and the sun had barely set. Got to love summer in the north!

Hopefully I’ll have stories to share soon….and they won’t involve the “W” word!

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