Phoenix bound, briefly

Today I hop on a plane and head back to Phoenix for a couple of days, where there are loose ends to tie up. I have to reorganize my car for the pending road trip to Idaho. Make one last trip to the storage shed to insure everything is ready for my worldly possessions to spend the summer patiently waiting for my return. Say goodbye to my cousins and Phoenix friends. Pick up the mail that the USPS has delivered to the condo in spite of my submitting a forwarding order. One last shopping trip to Trader Joe’s. Hopefully an hour spent by the pool, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. And do a few hours’ work, to help pay for the gas to get from PHX to ID.

It’ll be a bittersweet time, ending one phase of my life and starting the next. Saying goodbye to hopes and dreams, to friends (well, I never really say goodbye to friends, but “see you later,” since I most likely will), to comfortable routines and familiar spots and sights. I’ll miss the mountains that dot the valley, the amazing variety of cacti. The sunsets. The plethora of stores and restaurants, even if I didn’t go to many of them. The people I spent my time with. Friday afternoons at Aunt Chilada’s. Saturdays at the pool. My cozy office in my cozy condo. The sound of the fountain outside my bedroom window, lulling me to sleep at night.

Anyway, it’s time to move on. Hopefully soon I’ll land in a place and be able to stay, instead of looking down the road for the next spot to call home. But for now, summer in Coeur d’Alene awaits. Good friends, favorite places, familiar routines. Wine with Ali on the patio. Drinks with Amy at Bardenay’s. Breakfast with Jeanne, lunch with Linda and Loretta, and “church” on Wednesday afternoons with the gang. There are walks to be walked, coffee to be sipped, laughs to be laughed. Most of all, there are weeks to be spent in one of the few places I truly feel at home – at least until it gets cold and gray and dark and snowy. The lake is calling…

And on the way I’ll see dear friends and gorgeous places. A couple of days in San Diego. The same in San Francisco. The Oregon Coast has been patiently waiting for my return. I haven’t planned my route yet – first I need to end my time in Phoenix, and then I can look ahead.

So wish me luck as I say goodbye to the desert, and hello to the beach and the mountains. And join me as I sing my anthem…..”on the road again.”

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3 Responses to Phoenix bound, briefly

  1. YvonneB says:

    Hang in there. See you soon! The ocean will welcome you and so will we.

  2. Julie says:

    Well, Idaho is a better place to spend Summer than AZ! 😉 Safe and enjoyable travels, Beth. Hope to see you in the passing, sometime!

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