If it’s Wednesday, it must be – Phoenix?

Is it Wednesday? The days all look the same from my desk in my cozy home office. But even cozy home offices begin to suffocate you when you don’t get out of them.

Yesterday was another 15 hour workday. I finally stopped at 10:15 and staggered up to the mountain pool for a well-deserved soak in the hot tub. I didn’t even realize it was a full moon until my buddy Rachel posted a horrorscope titled “Full moon” something. I was going to crawl directly from my desk to my bed until I saw that, and I knew I had to get out in the moonlight for a little while.

When I lived in the country, our lives revolved around the full moon. My ex-husband and I either biked, skied, snowshoed or canoed on full moon nights. Even though we’d be up way after midnight, it was so worth it. There’s just something magical about moonlight. We would ski or paddle or hike or pedal without our headlamps, steering by the pure white light. The landscape would glow. It wasn’t scary or eerie, just otherworldly.

Here in the big city, it’s not quite the same experience. But as I soaked in the hot tub, I gazed around at the tranquil pool area, the trees that tower around it, the ripples in the water, the burbles from the filters. And of course, the light of the moon peeping through the branches. It was, as full moon nights always are, magic.

Today I really need to finish registering my car. There’s a mall I’ve been wanting to visit just down the road, so I really should take advantage of being in that part of town and wander through it for an hour or so. Although I’ll feel like I’m playing hooky – if I’m not tethered to my desk, I feel almost guilty. Even those of us who work from home are allowed an hour or two off now and then, right? Right?

Hopefully the tranquility that I soaked up last night will stay with me through the day today, as I find out what surprises are in store when I turn on my computer and check my workload for the day. I might even find time to vacuum, or cook a meal!


I’ll be back the next time I get a free moment. Til then, if you’re looking for me, just peek in my office. That’s me, hunched over the desk, headphones on, laughing at something Rachel has said, tucked in HER home office in Chicagoland. Or cursing contractors. Or bemoaning yet another 20 hour day…

Happy Hump Day!

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