Yeah, I’m back. Yeah, I know it’s time. No, I can’t promise I won’t disappear again. But I do have enough time to sit down and pen a blogpost or two, and bring you up to speed on How I Spent My Weekend.

Life has been insane recently. Too much work, too little play. So when my friend Yvonne said she was coming over from San Diego for the weekend, I couldn’t wait. And as luck would have it, my insane work schedule took a breather just in time – I finished working at 1pm on Thursday, and had time to make the bed, vacuum, clean the bathrooms and buy some groceries before she showed up at 7pm.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo, margaritas were in order. But rather than brave the crazy crowds celebrating the faux-Mexican holiday we stayed home, made our own margaritas, and had chips and salsa for dinner. A woman after my own heart! We talked and laughed and ate and drank – pretty much the schedule for the entire weekend – until way after midnight, before calling it a night.

Friday dawned way too early, but we were ready for it. A hike through the park to whet our appetite, then coffee, breakfast, and a quick trip up to the pool for soaking and tanning. Then it was off to Scottsdale; it was going to be a scorcher of a day, and I wanted to explore the mall. We ate falafel, tasted fancy tea and oohed and aahed over puppies – in between marveling over the Scottsdale-ites. They truly are a different breed…

By then it was happy hour, and Margaritaville called. She had never been to one (gasp!), so I initiated her into the wild and wooly world of Jimmy Buffett-dom. Drinks and munchies and a stroll through the store, then we were off and running. Another mall to walk off our dinner, and then home to crash much earlier than the night before.

Saturday. Farmers market, with a lot of vendors serving food, as opposed to the plethora of herb and veggie and craft vendors I’m accustomed to. Too bad we’d already had breakfast! It was nice to see a sampling of a different kind of person than I’ve encountered during my stay in Phoenix – reminded me of the wilds of North Idaho or NE Washington instead of the nation’s 5th largest city.

Yvonne has friends who live in Surprise, so that was our next stop. A couple of hours with a lovely older couple who remind me of me – they’ve owned lots of businesses, lived in lots of places, and are contemplating their next move. I guess I’m not so weird, after all! We had a really nice visit, then headed downtown for lunch at the TGI Friday’s at Chase Field (remember I was there with Adrienne the first of March?). We sat outside and soaked up the baseball atmosphere while sipping on adult milkshakes (mine was a Guinness milkshake – yes, even better than it sounds!) and marveling that everyone else was sitting inside. How often do you have a ballpark to yourself?

By then we were ready for a break, so headed home – with a stop by the pool to check on The Gang (our Friday happy hour friends gather at the pool on Saturday afternoons for tunes, brews, and chatting) before retreating to air-conditioned comfort. Phil stopped by for a quick visit, then we crossed the street to Aunt Chiladas for a couple of beers and to watch drunk people try to order drinks (I was glad they ordered strawberry daiquiris, which they barely touched, and not tequila shots). But soon our advanced age caught up with us, and we went home for more chatting and another early night.

Sunday already. And Yvonne had a six-hour drive ahead of her. So we sipped coffee, listened to peaceful piano music, and made plans for our next visit – whenever that is. Maybe wine tasting, or suntanning at the beach, or – who knows? Whatever happens, it will be wonderful. There’s just nothing like friends who have known you forever, know more about you than you do yourself, and can help you get back on the path when you can’t find your way.

I’ve spent the afternoon trying to catch up on laundry, e-mail, cleaning, and chores. Oh, and basketball. It’s nice to NOT be working for a change, although when I don’t work I don’t make any money, so it’s a bittersweet break. I’m sure it’ll start again tomorrow, and these free hours will be a pleasant memory.

I had a great weekend, and am sorry to see it end. In fact, I think I’ll celebrate with a nap.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! I hope your families did something wonderful for you. You deserve it!

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3 Responses to Staycation

  1. Julie says:

    Glad to see you got a breather from work! 🙂

  2. LoriH says:

    Sounds like Bliss! Glad you had a breather and a fun weekend to boot!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks ladies! Yep, certainly a breather. Ready to dive back into the fray again…hope you had wonderful weekends, too!

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