And still alive…barely

Still alive. I think.

I’m still working 20-hour days – well okay, I’m down to 18-hour days. I finally put my foot down and demanded that they give me 6 hours off a day to shower, eat, and sleep. Not necessarily in that order.

I’m working two jobs. Granted, one is a part-time job and one is a feast-or-famine job, but it’s still two jobs. I finally carved out time to go to the grocery store on Saturday night, because I was having Triskets and wine for dinner – the cupboards were bare. (Not that Triskets and wine is a bad diet…) I haven’t looked at Facebook or answered a personal email for days, let alone taken a walk, watched a sunset, talked on the phone to a friend, cleaned the house…. If I hadn’t received an email alert that Bin Laden had been killed, I’d be wondering why his picture keeps popping up on Yahoo when I turn on my computer.

I can’t go on like this forever. And won’t. It’s just that the company I work for is undergoing massive growing pains, and I’m in the midst of it. It’s wonderful to have responsibility, and be relied on to help in a pinch. And I hope that as time goes on and they continue growing, I’ll be an important part of that. But right now, those pains are painful. None of us are sleeping. We’re trying to recruit and train 200 new contractors, while continuing to produce our regular workload. Plus I spend 18 hours/week at the temp job, so have to play catch-up with the online job around that.

Anyway, I apologize for my extended absence. If I get the chance, I’ll try to think of some witty, deep, interesting things to write about. But right now I’m lucky to find time to make my bed and wash the wine glass and Triskets plate every night.

I miss free time. I’ve been spoiled the last few years, having time to travel and write and play. Soon I’ll have a regular schedule again, and a life away from the computer. But right now, I’m paying my dues. If only I was getting rich at the same time!

Thanks for stopping by, and for your patience. I really hope that things will slow down soon. My dear friend Yvonne is coming over from San Diego this weekend, and I’ve already warned my bosses that I will be out of wireless range while she’s here.

I can’t wait. I’m seriously rethinking this whole wired thing. What was wrong with the Pony Express and little log cabins in the woods?

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful spring, and the crazy weather hasn’t affected you. It was in the high 70’s here this weekend – just gorgeous. Of course, I was inside looking at the gorgeous-ness through my office window…

I’ll be back, when I can. Until then, if you know of anyone who can type and is looking for some extra income transcribing online, let me know!

Happy Whatever-Day-It-Is!

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3 Responses to And still alive…barely

  1. FARfetched says:

    I happen to have a Twitter friend who is looking for part-time work. If you can email me details, I’ll pass them to her!

    Thanks much…

  2. Oh Beth, you have my sympathy and empathy! I’d hoped that 2011 would be less frantic than 2010. But it’s more hectic!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Conda. I’ve just got to get a better handle on the hours I’m working. But you’ve having great success, so hopefully the frantic nature of life is worth it! 🙂

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